Help on determining Diamond Quality - Is this a keeper?


Oct 17, 2010
Hi Everyone,

I would like to know if this diamond is a good quality one. I'm seriously considering an upgrade and would like something at least 1ct. Also looking at a solitaire ring setting. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1443928424.310850.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1443928446.069064.jpg
Another option I was thinking of is to have a custom wedding band made to match my current ring, or maybe to re configure the current ring and have it made into a wedding set using the existing stones.

I do like my ring - but have always wanted a center stone that is at least 1ct or bigger. Based on what is on paper, is the stone a keeper/ good quality one?




Oct 17, 2010
Yes, this is the current one I have. Question is - Should I upgrade to 1ct or choose something else? Went to one jeweler and was shown a .90ct SI1,
I and a .80ct SI1, I and I thought that apart from the stone being slightly larger, the rest of the specs are not specifically different. If I can't get a bigger stone. Might as well keep what I have.

Sorry if confusing. Hope this helps
Oct 17, 2006
Just saw this thread of yours. Don't bother checking out diamonds with your current jeweler. Wait and ask AME to find and recommend you a 1-ct diamond of top cut quality per your budget.

No offense. I suspect that your current diamond may likely be lower color than I and lower clarity than Si 2 (may not be eye-clean), and more importantly, not top cut. If you are happy with it, this means that you can tolerate a true GIA graded J color. Then go for J color instead of I in order to get a large enough (close to 1-ct), top cut diamond.

As I mentioned on the other thread, you may want to use your existing diamond for a solitaire necklace. It will be extremely difficult to resell this diamond for a decent amount of money. Don't bother going back to your original diamond vendor for trade-in. You can do better finding a top cut diamond with AME's help, without overpaying again.


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May 28, 2014
Looking at them, there are quite a few stats that could be upgraded before size, some would say should be prioritised over size.

I'm not knowledgeable enough to determine how good the cut is from this card because it doesn't include anything about the specifics (table etc). However the clarity could be improved a fair bit, as could the colour and I think those two things would make a huge difference when looking at your diamond.

You don't mention anything about budget, but if you're saying you can afford to get a similar diamond but nearly twice the size then yeah, go for it. But if I was to spend X amount of money improving a diamond, I personally would stick to the same size and improve the quality.

I don't know if this answers your query in any way, but I personally think that stone should be destined for upgrade when you can afford it. Trying to determine if it is a good stone would be dependent on how much it cost and how happy you are with it.
Oct 17, 2006
With a $10K budget, I think you can find a top cut, GIA or AGS graded, truly top cut diamond of 1 carat size. You can go as low as J color and Si 1 (eye-clean) clarity, in order to maximize size for your budget.

I think you can tolerate J color, because I suspect your current diamond' color may be 1-3 grades lower than a GIA graded "I". The Si 2 clarity is very likely not eye-clean and can be I-1/2 included-grade clarity. Grading by the jewelers cannot be 100% trusted, and the assessment can mean anything.


Jul 24, 2013
Well if you like to upgrade your ring, why not right? For me personally I would rather go for a better clarity than a higher carat. Im really not into size, its the clarity that will bother me. Maybe ask ame...she knows anything about diamond and what to look...


Jun 10, 2015
I agree with the recent remarks; whatever your budget, go for the best quality you can rather than size. A .50pt good quality diamond will always look better than a 1ct of inferior quality. Try and look at ant stone in daylight, the lights used in jewellers will always make a stone sparkle. Also, go for a good cut. A well cut diamond will diminish the effect of any inclusions, no matter how small.


Mar 22, 2007
The info you provided gives little info on the stone's quality. There is no cut detail, no angular info, no plot. So based on that there's no way to know. But anything that says good/good is not off to a good start. You have no idea what you're getting with that / what you have. Those are not reputable grading reports.

If you want my input, I would be glad to help. Don't rush, it isn't usually quick and can be frustrating and overwhelming when you go into it without eyes wide open. There are a lot of factors to remember and not every jeweler focuses on that. You can send me a PM with some things if you are working with a jeweler or if you're open to online, I'll work with you to find a winner there.

We will find a winner that is in budget.
May 4, 2013
OP, are you happy with the Radiant Star cut of your current stone? Do you want to keep this cut or go with a standard round brilliant? It's my understanding that the Radiant Star cut has more than twice the facets of a round brilliant.