Help on deciding between two CL shoes

  1. Hey everybody, I'm trying to decide which of these shoes to get because I'm limiting my shoe buying because I'm shopping for furniture. The second shoe with slim peep toe has anyone tried that one on yet? oh the shoe color might not be pink because I need to see the colors in real life. Both come in black. Thanks in advance Chances
    NMX064N_my.jpg NMX0649_my.jpg
  2. I like the second pair, but perhaps in black. I feel the first pair remind me of the 'jelly shoes' I used to wear when I was young...! The second pair are very cute even in pink :smile:
  3. I love the second one. Enjoy the one you choose!
  4. In terms of style, I prefer the Numero Prive or the picture on the left, but in terms of color, I prefer the Minibout Zep on the right. I think that the pink glitter patent makes the shoe look very cheap, but that is JMO.
  5. I totally agree with Kamilla
  6. If you're considering black, I'd opt for the Numero Prive's. I've tried the Minibouts and they did not look good on (me). They are very short in the vamp, exposing a lot of toe, and are not as comfortable as the NP's.

    I'm not a fan of pink, but between the two, I also prefer the pink of the Minibouts.
  7. Style-wise you can't to wrong with either of them; the black glitter patent is an interesting material and probably the best of the glitter patent series IMO (I'm not a huge fan of the glitter "grease" patents but the black grease patent is probably the one I prefer the most of that series, the other colors done in grease patent do look a bit cheap & non-CL-like to me). Color-wise I'd recommend going with black regardless of which style you pick (if you're going to buy them now). The black ones in these two styles most likely will not end up on sale IMO (they'll be sold out before the summer, or 99% of the sizes anyway), whereas if you were thinking about the pictured colors -- magenta or hot pink, wait till summer sales and those colors are guaranteed to be on sale (I'd bet money on it).

  8. lol me too! :yes:
  9. I was thinking the exact same thing!
  10. Thanks everyone for the input!

    I will make my way downtown tomorrow to see if I can try on the minibouts. I have some no prives so I know how they fit.
    I want the black( I have enough shoes in pink) but I'm worried about the patent glitter. There was no pic of minibout in blk.

    Deb, thanks for the info on the fit of the minibouts, does it look similar to the rolondos on the foot.
  11. I think the second shoe and these are similar. I tried these in the store, and they looked funny on my feet. Like debwonger stated, they expose alot of toe. I could barely walk in them. I was going to order the first shoe in black, but I changed my mind to the architeks.
  12. ITA! I think the black grease paint is the most subtle out of the series, so my first choice would be the black no. prive.
  13. I love the style of the minabout, but I tried it on and it was very uncomfortable for me. I love the style of the numero prive, they are comfortable and I think in the black they would add some nicely subtle bling.
  14. i am in the minority and would choose the slingbacks based on color. while i like the other shoe, i HATE the pepto bismol color. Its just not a practical color IMO. reminds me of easter.
  15. If you were to get the No Prives I would go with the black although the hot pink is something you don't see every day. The other shoe is a totally different style all together but I would do what Foxy said and wait until the sales in June.