Help on country club..


Jul 24, 2008
Hi! What do you guys think of country club tote in green and black? someone selling it to me(used) for $1550. It is in good condition and i love tote bags really.. i dont have a green bag yet.. what do you guys think? please help! or should i get a paris biaritz for hte same price (brand new) but my only concern is the biaritz in only coated canvas but the country club is leather (im a corporate girl so it matters :smile:

thanks and ill wait for your thoughts...


Jul 9, 2007
You could have got it on sale brand new from boutique with that price. Did you check out the condition yourself? It's lambskin you know. Also, there're 2 sizes in this tote style as well.

IMO, if you can chip in a couple more hundreds, you could also get an executive tote (with caviar leather - more durable & classic) & like the name, has an executive look - good for you, a corporate girl ;) The Country club tote is more seasonal & trendy.

Or with that price, you could probably get PST too! & that's also in carviar leather.

For PB, I think it's more a casual bag, not really a work bag.