help on color combos please


Dec 1, 2006
While I would always authenticate before purchasing, is there somewhere to look that has at least a description of a purse ( sophia in general) that tells what color the leather is and what colors were used for the interiors and topstitching? I find most auctions seem to have all the right things to look for including riri zippers ( am I wrong to think the is very impt if everything else looks right?can they not be a fake with a riri zipper?) anyway, I know i've read that some can be good fakes but have the wrong color combos? I'm a novice truly so any help would be nice and so as not to overpost, was looking for a list or something..:graucho:

mostly looking at bag colors of white, pinks, lavender any help on what their interiors,topstitching should be would be appreciated..thanks cecelia