Help on color Brown and Dark Brown on Bluefly

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  1. #1 Aug 17, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2008
    :confused1::confused1:I saw a Veneta called Dark Brown and a Pyramid called brown on Bluefly ??
    They look different,.. Which one is EBANO color? and what's the name of the other brown ?(Moro maybe ?)

    Thanks for your help

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  2. Although I really can't tell anything from the BlueFly pictures, I do believe that since the Veneta is nappa, the dark brown Veneta would then be Ebano (since that is the nappa dark brown) and the dark brown Pyramid, which is nappa umbria, would be Moro (since that is the nappa umbria dark brown). I think... but then again BlueFly sometimes labels Noce (medium brown) as dark brown so who really knows!
  3. I have been browsing the forum and I think I found the answer.. the Veneta
    must be Moro and the Pyramid is Ebano...
    My next question is : is MORO a classic color for Veneta bags.. is it a color that comes every season like EBANO ?

    I think I prefer the MORO color. for my next purchase ( a Large Veneta) ....I hope BV does it:shame:
  4. The VENETA does not come in nappa umbria (unless special ordered), and the dark brown one on bluefly is EBANO NAPPA LEATHER..The pyramid is MORO NAPPA UMBRIA, ( and the pyramid only comes in nappa umbria unless special ordered)..The nappa leathers are slightly softer and shinier, where the nappa umbrias have a waxed coating making the leather appear more matte...MORO is dark brown, with almost a taupe or gray undertone...EBANO is clearly a more of a red brown, like milk chocolate..
  5. Yep, exactly! :drool:
  6. I ordered the Moro New Pyramid and returned it because it was a bit too dark for my taste. I also had two different Ebano Venetas (one medium and one large), and they both took the dye differently ... one was much richer and shinier than the other. So you can expect some variation even within the same color and type of leather!
  7. There was some discussion on another thread about Nappa and Nappa Umbria.
    Nappa - more shine, maybe softer
    N. Umbria - waxed finish, probably takes more abuse, and light edges on ferro and some other colors.
    Not sure if you're seeing different colors or just the two leathers
  8. Thanks for all these information, would be so much easier if those Web sites were using the official color name :nuts::nuts::nuts: