Help on choosing a replacement bag

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  1. Posted this on a Facebook group but looking to get some input here as well. I need some advise. I have been offered store credit for 2 bags with glazing issues, artsy empreinte and Neverful epi. I loooove my artsy but barely carry it due to its weight and having neck/shoulder issues. I was thinking about replacing my artsy with the empreinte Montaigne. Thoughts on that bag?? Pictures? Is it heavy as the artsy empreinte?
  2. No one?
  3. I don't own either but I think the Montaigne is very classic looking! What color are you thinking of?
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  4. I am thinking about getting it in black. I went to the store yesterday and saw it in person and I love it. I didn’t take home because i want to make sure first. I also saw the twist in black epi and shw. Beautiful bag a well!
  5. I only have two LV bags. A Turenne MM and an Alma PM Epi leather in black. Love them both!
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  6. Won’t the Montaigne also be heavy? Maybe try a canvas bag so you can protect your neck/shoulder? Not sure if any interest you. Or another epi style?
  7. If you want “lightweight” bags then Neverfull in the classic monogram/DE/Azur and speedy are better options,
    what about the world tour NF that you can customize so it’s special to you?
  8. How about a Mon mono Speedy B? It's lightweight, it's got a soft vachetta strap to not hurt your shoulders further, it can hold a ton... Any leather bag would be heavier than a canvas bag, you should keep that in mind, or else it would be much smaller.
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  9. Thank you everyone for your input. I have speeded bags in all sizes and really like the replacement to be in leather. I thought about the Montaigne but wanted to know if it would be just as heavy. Also, I thought about replacing it with a Twist MM bag maybe. I have neverful MM is all three canvas and a GM. I really want a leather one. I checked the Montaigne this past Saturday and liked it but I’m kind of torn because the twist bag is stunning and lighter.
  10. If it were me choosing I'd pick the Twist. I absolutely love that bag. I love how the twist lock feels.
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  11. The twist was not even on my radar until I went to see the Montaigne. Now I can’t decide between these two. Would it be silly to get both, I have credit for 2 bags after all.
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  12. Perhaps have a look at the ‘Lockme’ line which is leather. I have a Lockme backpack and it’s really lightweight. I too, have neck and back issues and can carry it without aggravation. GLD
  13. I like the croisette one, it's so cute but might be too small for what you are looking for?
  14. Thank you! I checked and there a couple of cute bags in that collection.
  15. I like that bag but I’m currently looking for something a bit larger and in leather. Thanks for your comment.