Help On Choice!!

  1. So I have a choice of purchasing between the Coco Cabas in Vinyl (XXL) and the Petite Shopping Tote in the Light Green Color. The two are relatively different in sizes and in style.

    I work in as an auditor and practically, want an everyday bag, sometimes have to travel (20%) and so I use my Cambon Reporter (which can be bulky).

    LADIES, which one should I GET??

    I have till tomorrow to decide!!!! HELP ME!!!
  2. I still get confused with all of the Chanel descriptions. Which one is the petite shopping tote and what leather would you get it in?

  3. The Petite Shopping Tote is also called the Timeless CC. I believe the model number is A20994 in Caviar. They have it in Light Green which it's pretty light and pretty.



    I've attached pics here for your reference. :smile:
  4. The petite shopping tote doesn't seem like it would hold very much for work. I have seen it in person. The vinyl tote - I'm not sure the vinyl would hold up to everyday use as a work bag.

    Have you considered the larger shopping tote?
  5. ^ I agree. I did not find the COCO to be great for work. The petite shopper may be too small. I would look at the large shopper or the MM tote.
  6. Personally I don't think either is great for work. The Petit is too small and the Coco is vinyl and very large. I would be looking at the Grand. I think that's a better traveling Chanel.
  7. Just echoing what the other ladies have said, there are many other Chanel bags that would be more appropriate for work. :yes: If you have the time, loveone7, go into a Chanel boutique and try on some of the bags as that's the best way of determining which one will suit you best. Good luck. :flowers:
  8. I agree with the others - neither of these are what I would pick for a work bag. I personally like the Chanel Cerf, but the Grande Shopper would be a good choice too.
  9. Thanks Ladies. You were right, the small one doesn't hold much but definitely, the GRANDE shopping was my choice. Picking between black and white was TOUGH! But pics to be up soon.

  10. Can't wait to see the pics!