Help on Carmino Styles!!!

  1. Hi, I'm new to the BV forum but I'm around in the other forums like Chanel and Balenciaga. Anyways I purchased an Ebano medium veneta some time ago and was really looking to purchase my second BV. I love the small black campagna but when I was in BV today I saw the Carmino bags and thought that they were really vibrant and lovely, a true pillar box red. I just wanted to know if the Carmino comes in any other styles apart from the New ball and the veneta?? I didn't want to get another veneta and I didn't like the new ball style so are there any others??? TIA.

    BTW all you ladies have beautiful bags:heart::heart:
  2. Hi, Syma! That's a lovely Chanel in your avatar! At a BV trunk show last spring I saw a frame woven handbag in Carmino. I don't think I've seen it since then. It was a prototype and beautiful, so I hope they will have them. I can't recall if it had one handle or 2, but it was a handbag, not a bag that would fit on the shoulder. It was average size for a handbag, but looked like it would hold a lot. Sorry I can't be more specific. If I see a photo I'll post it in this thread.
  3. Thanks Boxermom, I look forward to hearing if anyone has got the Carmino in a different style. I wish they did it in the campagna that would be perfect for me. Has anyone seen the Carmino in the Sloane style????
  4. Wow, Valkyrie, My indulgences bag is soooo cute, I'm loving this colour more and more.
  5. Hi Syma, indeed the Carmine color is a real stunner! I just can't stop admiring my Carmine Veneta!;)

    The Carmine color also exists in the pocket bag (please refer to the picture attached, it's the 1st one on the left). I also see in the BV shop the Carmine Capri bag. I have asked the SA if it exists in Campana, however, it doesn't seem so until now.

    Good luck with your Carmine-bag search and please keep us posted of the news.
  6. Syma, the Las Vegas BV had a large woven tote, capri, mini tote, new larger baby bag (toggle baguette), messenger bag, and many make up cases in carmino. They had one carmine veneta, but apparently it vanished as soon as it hit the shelves! I never saw the campana in carmino but did see it in "favorite" (corallo) color-very pretty! I got the carmino mini tote and just LOVE it--such a rich red!
  7. First of all, welcome to our little forum Syma! I know you're in the UK, but I believe I saw it available in the Montaigne style, small tote and the new Ball besides the Veneta in Venice. As valkyrie has kindly pointed out, I own a small iron bag in Carmino and it is an awesome color. Good luck!!
  8. Thanks for all your help guys, I'm loving this forum!!
  9. Syma, I saw a gorgeous Montaigne in Carmino at the SF store.
  10. OMG a Montaigne in Carmino? that has got to be TDF!!
  11. Hi dervilfal, it was... ***lust*** I didn't even know that the Montaigne can be unsnapped so that it looks more like a tote. I did some research last night and Cupid has struck again.
  12. A Carmine Montaigne! Lucy, you have such great taste. Can't wait to see it.
  13. ^24, this is off topic, but what is your avatar??