Help on buying Bulga Pudding Satchel..

  1. Hello to all my fellow BAG lovers here!I'm a newbie!!:smile:

    I've been searching high and low for a nice bag and finally saw the Bulga Pudding flap satchel bag in large. I think it looks awesome!My question is..where is the best place to buy this?(Translation: Where can I find the greatest deal on this bag?):smile: I'm eyeing the Taupe color..I've compared some online shops and department stores, but still am not sure where to head, maybe there's a better deal out or not..also, if anyone has a large version of this bag, can u please post a pic wearing it on your shoulder?Thanks ladies!!:smile:
  2. I love this bag, and have two of them. Try Active Endeavors | Shopping and use a toutie code, i think right now it's 20% off the listed price of USD552.
  3. Thanks minicoop..u have the large size also?what colors?are they high-maintenance bags?I was actually choosing between this one and the Botkier Bianca medium..
  4. I'm seriously considering getting this bag!If only I can decide which color..taupe, chocolate or midnight blue?What color goes well with any colored outfit?
  5. High maintenance? Well, at first I was so scared to use them, but now -- after getting curry sauce on it, and successfully getting it out with cornstarch -- I am ok. I have a hazel, which to me looks like the taupe, and a chocolate, both in the large size, so I would say go for whichever one you really want! Probably the chocolate brown would be the most practical though.
  6. The more I look at this bag, the more I like it. I've been looking at this one for awhile. Even the name sounds delicious. ;) I'll keep my eye out for a better deal for you.
  7. I joined tPF awhile ago and so far have been mostly reading, and I LOVE it! But you might want to try for the bulga
  8. I just commented on the softness & slouchiness of Bulga in another really is lovely (on par with Balenciaga IMO). Also- since you are weighing this and the Botkier Bianca, just keep in mind that Bianca has a flap you'll have to lift everytime you want access to your bag...
    You will love the Bulga!!! I'll keep my eye out for a deal, too :smile:
  9. Thanks so much ladies!!Truly a big help!!I've inquired from Revolve Clothing, sadly they don't have the large chocolate color for this bag..:sad: I'm leaning towards that in particular. Even ebay doesn't have this design..let me know if you have leads..:smile:
  10. Is this bag heavy at all?
  11. I think I have this bag...not sure what it's called. But, I love it! I got it from Nordstrom back in May for full-price (gulp) in Chocolate. It's a really light bag in comparison to others that I have. I hope you find it!
  12. Check out They have Bulgas on sale, 30+% off..I bought the 3zip satchel the other night...