Help (!!) on bag for my momma =D

  1. My mom has been through hell and back recently, and I want to get her her first designer bag, because she really deserves it. She can't even imagine spending more than $50 for a bag, but after all that's happened she really needs a boost in self-esteem and has mentioned she thinks it starts with the handbag (of course!) I want this gift to really be a huge amazing shocker to her.

    That said, I've already purchased the Medium Britt Hobo for her, I hope she loves it, but I got it from Bergdorf Goodman online, and it only came w/a dustbag, no Gucci box. I want her to enjoy and be amazed at the whole experience, so I want the whole hoopla - huge gold bow, fine Gucci tissue paper, big gold Gucci box. I want this experience to be memorable. I'm very willing to pay for all that decoration. Question is, where do I get it from? I can't be the first person who has purchased a gift for someone through an online retailer - did you all just use the retailer's box? How do I go about getting the decoration? Please help - I want everything to be perfect and special for my momma :shame:
  2. awww that is soo sweet of you! When i purchased my leather britt from Seattle's Nordstroms, i did not receive a gucci box, bow, paper, or note card either. I think you can get the full experience by purchasing through From my experience ordering from another boutique is that they give you the box, bow, paper and notecard. Maybe you could go visit your local boutiue or call gucci's customer service number. Good luck!
  3. You are an amazing kid...what a nice present! Even though my gifts are for myself, I go all out when I buy from Gucci. com and I suggest that you also choose this option..the Mahagony box, the gold ribbon, the Gucci logo wrapping paper..I literally giggle with excitment. However, I am unsure that you will be able to get all of the trimmings without purchasing them straight from the site( they probably frown upon a transaction like this because they are a seperate entity from the department stores and want to avoid all types of fraud)...Could you return it and make the purchase from the site...It think that it may be your best bet!! Good luck and I hope that this will help your mom get through her rough patch!!!
  4. Some of my Gucci items also didnt come with the boxes, however, when I got them at Neiman Marcus, they came wth the NM huge gift box.
  5. you're such a nice daughter! i'm trying to get my momma out of coach bags. i want her to have a nice gucci.

    imma buy it and put it in a coach box lol