Help On Authenticity

Rain Fan

Jan 19, 2007
As some of you may konw, i hv got my first Chanel black medium classic with classic chain not long ago, in fact, it is still lying in the box waiting for me to take her out for a date. I've got this through my friend on his Paris trip. However, i noticed that there is no tag and care book is missing. I'm too sheepish to ask him cos i m asking him for a favour to buy the bag and i don't think he would cheat me out either, neither do i want to sound like that. But just on the safe side, can anyone tell me what should i receive in the box of a classic bag. Am i missing on something? TIA PFers who cares to ease my worries:confused1:.


Jul 3, 2006
I belive you do get a care boolet it should be folded into a zigzag design and slotted in a black cardboard folder/pouch thing. You also get the authenticity card and dustbag. More importantly I would check the details on your bag...take some pics and post it into the authenticity thread in the shopping sub-forum or you can check out the pictures there and compare your bag.

I'm pretty sure your friend would not have cheated you and he may not be as kowledgable about bags. Keep in mind some members of this forum have bought chanel bags without a box and dust bag from a boutique, I think there was a thread that was started a few days ago.

More importantly check your bag details as the SA may forget to include some parts of the accessories..