Help on applying eyeliner!

  1. Hi guys, I wonder if you can help me, with all your wisdom!

    I've read threads about applying eyeliner on the lower lids (a no-go, I know), but i still haven't got the hang of applying it to the upper lid! :sad:

    I usually either leave a space between my eyelashes and the line, get my eyelashes gunked up with liner if drawing 'right on the lashline' as my magazines say (i have long eyelashes), or when trying to smudge the line slightly (again, as mags tell me) I end up having my entire lid black and sooty. :Push:

    In other words, HELP!!! :shrugs:

    Anything is greatly appreciated!!!
  2. What kind of eyeliner are you using? Pencil, liquid, or powder?
  3. First off, you need the right kind of eyeliner. I tried Mac's Fluidline in black and it was ok.

    I highly recommend using Kajal Golden Ultra Fine Black Kohl Creme you can purchase it The Best Source of Natural Indian and Middle Eastern Kohl on the Web! for $9.95.

    Second, you need the correct brush/applicator. The kajal comes with a plastic applicator that works great, however, I recommend the Laura Mercier Flat Eye Liner Brush - Long.

    Basically, you put some Kajal on the brush, line your inner upper & lower lids. Then you can just dab the brush along your outer upper lid. The brush is very thin so you won't have a thick line.

    Hope this helps!:smile:
    kajalgold.JPG flateyebrush.jpg KAJALEYES.jpg
  4. I use a few different ways to line my eyes. My friends are always asking me to do theirs!
    When I use a brush I always use Laura Mercier's Flat Eyeliner Brush. It is very thin and gives a great line

    I use both Nars Cream Eye Liner and Bobbi Brown


    The ways of putting on eyeliner above kind of take some time. When I'm just going for a quick look I use a regular old Clinique pencil (I don't know why, I feel it works better than the plastic ones that twist up). It glides on smooth and is a good basic to have.

    Some tips I use: When putting on eyeliner no matter what technique I am using, I always pull the corner of my eye out with my pointer finger, so I can get closer to the lash line and also get a smoother line. Also, I always keep Clinique's Rinse-Off Eye Makeup Solvent and some qtips near. It saves the trouble of having to take off all my eye makeup if I mess up and it lets me perfect a straight line!

  5. Thanks so much everybody!!!
    Swanky, normally I use pencil (a MAC kohl eyeliner in Smoulder), but I do have a Clinique liquid eyeliner with a brush attached.
    efusik, do you know whether that website ships to other countries - I live in England.
    I hope my eyelining techniques will be better now!
  6. I recommend using a brush. You will have more control and be able to manuever around your eyelashes.
  7. Thanks I'll try that.
    What do you use?
  8. I use MAC. They have a liner brush that works well with their liners and eyeshadows as well.
  9. another method to try with pencil is to dot between your lashes. oh, don't forget to draw on the inside rim of ur upper helps make the liner look closer to the lashes too. hope that helps!
  10. Thanks everybody this is really useful info. It's much better than reading it in magazines (i mean, that does help), but this is good because you can tell what realy works for real people.
  11. shopper I am just like you :biggrin:
    I love looking at people with perfectly made up eyes, but EVERY single time I try it myself, I look rediculous, like a toddler has tried to draw a straight line lol.

    Maybe its us english girls ;)
  12. Hi guys! Don't know if you're still reading this but i thought I'd let you know my progress.

    Tried the tips you gave me last night, and I tried both liquid and kohl liners (one on each eye - I looked so strange!), and the pencil eye is just about perfect! It's al nice and smudgy/sexy (but not in a slutty way!), even with just a little use of a qtip! :smile:

    Thanks so much for all your help! :tender: :flowers: :tender:

    :heart: :heart: :heart:
  13. I don't know if they ship to England, but if they don't I'll buy it and send it to you. :yes: Let me know.
  14. Thanks efusik! That's really sweet! :smile:
    I'll contact the wesbite when they are available again, but if they say they cannot ship, I'll sned you a PM. :flowers:
  15. Sounds great.