Help on Amore style to buy...?

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  1. I need major help on which Amore style bag to buy. I was originally all chipper about the Buon Viaggio, but it sags, and looks cheaper (at least in picutres it does) and I don't think I want my bag to sag. I currently have a Jansport Elefunk, which has dimensions of 13" x 16" x 5.5", which is pretty good for my school needs, but a tad bit too big and bulky. I'm looking to have a tokidoki bag in Amore for school, but have no idea on the style.

    Unless Buon Viaggio isn't as saggy and cheap looking as it seems....? Also not to keen on the messenger bags (look too much like diaper bags to me...)...any opinions/thoughs?
  2. Hmm I would have suggested one of the messenger styles for school but umm ... I don't think you have much choice there. If you've eliminated the BV and all messenger styles from your choices, all you're left with that could carry books is a scuola. I'm not even sure a nuvola could carry books? How about a ciao ciao? It's messenger style but it doesn't look like a diaper bag .... lol

    lmao ... geez I hope someone else responds to this thread to give you additional input. :biggrin:

    good luck!

    ETA: other forum members have cut out a hard piece of plastic to put at the bottom of the BV. This prevents the bottom from sagging. If you like that style but not the sagging, you could give that a try. HTH!!
  3. i actually like the buon viaggio. i have it in spiaggia and it's really useful. good size and it's easy to get in and out of. if it wasn't for the fact that i totally baby my bags, i would probably find it useful to be used for school. the side pockets are extremely useful when you're on the run cuz i throw my keys and phone in there and it stays put.

    in terms of the sagging, yeah it does sag but not to a point that it is ugly or bothersome, at least not to me. if you check out one of my recent threads:
    it has a picture of my spiaggia bv with all my stuff in it including wallet, sunglass case, pens, card case, compact, mints, hair ties, airborne, oil blotting sheets, etc. etc. list goes on and you can probably tell it doesn't even sag that much.

    the only pet peeve i have about the bag is that it doesn't really look like a handbag but more like a tote bag (well, that is what it is technically categorized as) but i think for the purpose that you're looking for and if you do not like the messenger styles (i'm short and i personally think messenger bags makes me look shorter and/or bulkier) then i would definitely go with the BV

    HOWEVER (haha sorry so much to say) many people DO NOT like the fact that there is black mesh on the amore BV, which somewhat throws off the look of the bag. check out my previous threads and i think you may find the ladies' comments to be very helpful. =)
  4. I'm actually a fan of Scuola..I don't have one, but if I were still in school, I'd get one.
  5. Oh, I totally love the black mesh. My current Elefunk bag has black mesh too, which I think is super useful, but I find it annoying that it's only on one side (but on both sides in BV, which I think is great). I think the black mesh breaks the color a little.

    Completely agree with messengers making someone look short and bulky. I'm short and a bit bulky to begin with, so that is not a good thing. XD