help on a travel wallet or envelope!!

  1. hi everyone,

    i was wondering if anyone here knows whether Hermes makes any larger travel size wallets or envelopes that will fit both passport and boarding passes. any suggestions and info would help dearly!! thanks in advance!!
  2. Yes, they do. Not 100% sure about the price. You can call NYC for more info. They had a few last weekend.
  3. Hermes does sell a passport cover but it doesn't fit like a book over the two flaps. It's like a slipcover that snaps over just to case the passport KWIM?

    Other than that I guess you could just fold your boarding pass in half.........
  4. You know what's great for this purpose? Those little flat Amelie bags.
  5. I bought a Dogon just for the reason of the passport usage. I don't think a boarding pass will fit unless it is folded but the Dogon has been very functional for my needs and I can fit all passports for myself and kids in it.
  6. Yes, I've seen one of these. It is longer than the normal passports holders (those with a button at the corner) and there's a slit at the back where you can insert your boarding pass.

    Sorry do not know the name but I recall this is absoultely costing more than USD400.
  7. there's a flat one with a zip. No idea what it's called, but it's a bit boring looking.
  8. What a wonderful idea! I know you can wear some (maybe even all, I'm not extremely well versed in them) right on your belt! Or with a strap! How convenient, esp of you have kids or (like me) a DH that never has enough pockets!