Help on a new wallet

  1. Hi everyone I really need to buy a new wallet but I am having trouble deciding on one. I want a wallet that I can use everyday I do not like to switch back and forth. I def do not want anything small like a ludlow. Please give some suggestions. Thanks!!
  2. I love the zippy wallet!
  3. Thanks for the quick reply! What are some of the benefits of the zippy. what can it carry?
  4. I love the suhali zippy or what about the new agenda wallet:heart:
  5. I have not heard or the agenda wallet what is that like? thanks
  6. I loooove the MC PTI or the MC Zippy... both are gorgeous and practical!
  7. This new agenda wallet seems pretty cool! Is it only avaliable in vernis? I will have to look into the zippy what is the inside like?
  8. are you looking for a large long wallet like the tressor international? or a regular size like a koala?
  9. I am thinking about getting the Vernis zippy wallet in Amarante...I just lvoe the color!
  10. The zippy has a zipped compartment for change, a compartment for bills, 2 pockets for receipts or other papers and it can fit your passport too. The agenda wallet comes in mono, vernis and perle and it's cute but it doesn't have a change compartment.
    inside zippy 2.jpg
  11. IDK what you like in a wallet, but for me, I like a wallet that would carry all my gift cards (I have a lot), credit cards, coins and paper money....

    This is the wallet I'm currently using...
    I like it except, I hate how the coins spill onto the sides of the zipped area and they keep dropping on the floor.

    I also have the compact version of ^^ w/c is this....
    I love it, except it doesn't hold all my gift cards. The coins don't spilll on this.

    I also have this in white MC.....
    I like this, but I find that the buttoning of the coin area and then folding the wallet to be too cumbersome. I like to just open and close my wallets really quickly. I hate holding people in line until I'm done putting all my money back in my wallet.

    I'm thinking of trying the Zippy wallet next....

    Maybe if you tell us more about what your needs are, then maybe we can help you narrow it down.
  12. Thanks for all of your suggestions! I do carry cash, about ten cards, some change. I I do not carry my checkbook with me but I like room in my wallet for reciepts and a one check just in case
  13. ^^I have 12 cards and I don't bring my checkbook either. So any of the wallets I posted would actually work out for you.

    These wallets have a few cc slots, but they have compartments were you can put your additional cards. HTH.
  14. another vote for the zippy! perfect for everyday!