Help on a MJ clutch bag please please please!

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Aug 14, 2009
RE: my last post:

thanks so much to the nice girlies who replied me. i live in the UK and MJ is not widely avaliable in here. i've already checked the MJ stocklist in UK and none of this bag left. my only access to US departments is the internet and i checked all the websites including Bloomies and Norstorm but there's no such bag avaliable online. i called them but they said they can only do mail order on items that're avaliable online. so if you do see this bag please do let me know which store it is and i'll figure out a way to buy it. thank you very very very much indeed! hope to hear good news soon :smile:

if anyone can help me to purchase it i'll be happy to offer **NOT ALLOWED.READ THE RULES PLEASE!!!**Duplicate posts ARE NOT ALLOWED EITHER!
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