HELP on a Choc coloured Paddy!

  1. :nuts: Hi:
    I have never owned a paddy b4 as most of my bags are LV bags. However, my sister is kind enough to sell one of her paddy to me but I am a bit concerned about the state of her paddington bag !
    She bought it around Oct 2005, and i don't think she has been careful about using this bag at all, there are scraches on the paddlock ( i was told its a normal thing for those heavy lock), there the leather string with the keys attached are starting to show some peeling on the surface and on the trimming.......(i wonder if her dog chewed on it !) and the trimmings on the handles or is it the joinery for the handles (the brownish stuff) are starting to show cracks as well. I guess the only good thing is that the majoritiy of the leather are still in good condition. I am used to LV bags which have very strong handles and I am just wondering if things will get worse with this paddy bag or is there anyway to make it better ? Also is it normal for the leather to be super soft and slouchy ?
    by the way, does any one know where I can shop for Chloe bags in Sydney Australia? I might be going there for a vocation in July and thought i might be able to check out the Betty bag if they have any store in Sydney.
    I would really appreciated if anyone can shed some light with my 2nd paddy situation ~

  2. Twinkie, where are u located? Are u in Aus atm? I'm in Vic;) Anyway, wrt Chloe in Syd, David Jones in the city does stock them. I'm not sure exactly what they have there but in the Melbourne Burke St store, they had regular Paddy satchels in the diff colours, baby Paddys, Bettys, regular Silverados and doctor bags, Paddington shopper totes, Paddington Hobos and maybe a Kerala last time I checked. DJ prices are very inflated though and it would be cheaper to buy from the US or EU. Just go along and get a feel for the looks/colours and sizes, but order it from overseas.

    I know Miss Louise in Melb also stock Chloes so I'm pretty sure Miss Louise Sydney will have them too - same owner, I believe. Also try Cosmopolitan Shoes in Syd. Prolly best to give these places a call b4 u go to confirm stock. Good luck:smile:
  3. thank you SerenitySue, i am actually based in NZ and so far i can only find one store that carries Chloe bags (they only stock 2 or 3 a time) pretty sad......
  4. Actually the leather has to be soft and slouchy that's the big thing about the paddy. The cracks in the handles are normal because it's a pretty heavy bag and it won't get any worse. I'm anal about my bags and mine developed it after a couple of times wearing it. That the locks chips isn't nice but typical. I don't know about the key because mine ist still in brand new condition and because I'm very careful with my bags my lock hasn't chip much. But it sounds like you would be more comfortable with a new one so I would say just get one when you have the opportunity.
  5. No worries;). Hey, what colour/style Paddy were u after? Coz in the Marketplace, ChloeSS is selling her blanc regular Paddy satchel, if I remember correctly:idea:. And she's a Kiwi too. Maybe take a look-see.
  6. There is a tan on Marketplace, and there was a choco AND a khaki color for a good price. Not sure if they have sold yet. The blanc is gorgeous!
  7. I PM'd you,but just in case- Lisa at NM in Troy, MI has a chocolate paddy coming in tomorrow (I think) for $1480. Her number is (248) 635-8442, and she will ship anywhere in the world. Hope this helps! Good luck!
  8. YIPEEEE!!!! ChloeSS blanc paddy has already been sold, TO ME!!!!:nuts:
  9. HOORAY! That is a gorgeous bag! Did you find Misty yet?
  10. WHOOO HOOOO!!!! So excited for you! You are going to love that bag!!!:love:
  11. hi:
    great, now i know where to get more paddy :biggrin:
    I have put up a few pic of my sister's paddy and show the problem areas. I guess if she's practically giving it to me (as my BD present) i guess I can't complain too much right ?!
    Chloe B.JPE
  12. OMG! Twinkie that bag looks GREAT! IT is going to get scuffs anyway, I think you should enjoy it! No one would ever notice any imperfections! Its such a gorgeous color!
  13. Misty?:cry: Only in my dreams:sad: :cry: Thanks for thinking of us though:worried:
  14. Twinkie,
    I think it is beautiful. If you like it, than I would jump on it. I dont think it looks bad in the least.
  15. twinkie I think the bag looks great! the paint chips are very minor and not at all noticeable so don't worry too much about them :biggrin:
    btw happy bday!!