Help on 3rd chanel bag

  1. Hi guys...pretty new here in Coco world!:smile:
    would really appreciate your help in finding me the right bag for this season..
    I so far have the mettalic pearl limited edition bag in black
    followd by the black vinyl cabas
    and now...lookin for a 3rd one..
    question: should i get the light silver reissue or dark red reissue??
    i personally have been lookin for the classic caviar in red but to no avail..
    should i wait for my dream red and go for the silver-- which cmes every yr anyway..
    or should i forget the classic jumbo caviar in red n go for this metallic red (dont know hw practical it would be in matching my outfits) n get the silver whenever in the future?
    PLS PLS PLS Help ppl!:smile:
    Plus..which size should i get for either! im 5'3 n quite fond of big bags..but arent metallic more dressy n therefore shouldnt be so big?? help ladies:smile:
    Cousin on the way to paris n getting me one in the next 4-5 days--- i need to make a decision real quick!:smile:
  2. I'd go for the dark red reissue if you can find one. If you pass it up you'll just have two impossible to find bags that you want (the red reissue and the red caviar). The red caviar will always be elusive, so I'd snag the reissue while you can.