Help on 2.55 reissues. Deciding on anniversary edition or newer bag

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  1. Hi guys,
    So I have decided to buy the 2.55 reissue in black calf 226 size. I was planning on going to Saks and would be about $5800 with tax brand new. Then I found a barely used anniversary 2.55 that is authentic and comes with the box, card, dust bag. It is in gorgeous barely used condition for $4200. Then I also found an authentic pre-loved reissue 2.55 barely used with bag and card and the booklets for $3800. Both bags are in pristine condition with no signs of wear.

    Help! Would you buy new and pay $5800, or choose a pre loved barely used newer reissue for $3800 or go for the anniversary one in mint condition for $4200?
    My only issue with the anniversary bag is the dimensions show it is a little smaller depth wise than newer reissues and I don't know how much smaller the bag will be. I loved the newer 226 reissue as the size was pretty big inside.
    Again help! All thoughts so greatly appreciated! Especially if you have either version or both!!!

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  2. I would LOVE a minty Anniversary Reissue!!
  3. I would go for the preloved one, especially the anniversary edition! :biggrin:
    But of course, go for the one that you have little to no issue with!
  4. Thanks I am so torn as both are in excellent condition and I know how special the anniversary bag is. Just trying to decide as the newer 226nis really roomy and I read the anniversary was a bit smaller inside.

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  5. I would go pre loved....especially at the price difference
  6. I think I am going to do pre loved but can't decide between an anniversary 226 or newer reissue. Both in mint condition. I worry the anniversary bag might not be big enough inside as I heard the anniversary was smaller inside

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  7. Which one is in better condition. Also if your concerned about the size then you def should go with the newer reissue
  8. They actually both are in barely used condition and have no scratches or signs of wear. The anniversary bag has a box, bag and card and the newer 2.55 has the dust bag and card and little booklets about Coco and her bags. It doesn't have the white extra dust bag that looks like a quilted bag. I am worried about size as can't return it and wonder if it is worth getting smaller bag inside just to have the stamp under the flap for 50th anniversary? And is this bag that much more valuable as would use bag quite frequently. I'm so confused 🙁

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  9. The stamp is definitely a collector item, however if your going to use the bag really doesn't make a difference. I would go with newer one as it's larger. Also your saving couple hundred bucks. Is the stamp worth and smaller bag worth the extra cash
  10. Hello Squeeni! I have both and personally prefer the anniversary reissue, solely because I love the history behind the anniversary one. If you are worried about space, however, the newer models definitely have a more spacious interior. The width of the new model is a little over 3 inches, while the anniversary has a width of 2.5 inches. Since space is a concern, I would go with the pre-loved non-anniversary reissue if I were you. I personally would go pre-loved versus new on the reissue, especially if it is in excellent/mint condition. The price difference between new/pre-loved is huge and if you ever decide to sell down the line, you won't take much of a loss. Attached are some pictures showing the width difference between the 226 anniversary and newer 226. The ghw one (the one on the right) is the anniversary model)...hope this helps in your decision:smile:
  11. Couldn't figure out how to attach multiple pictures, here is one more...
  12. I actually like the thinner one better, doesn't feel as boxy when worn crossbody
  13. Wow this helps a lot. Thanks so much. There really is a noticeable difference in the space in these bags. I have tried the newer one on and liked it. I had wanted the anniversary bag for the history but doesn't seem I can fit much. I have a long flap wallet and wonder if that would fit with a small makeup bag and sunnies in the anniversary? I wish the anniversary was bigger as would be easy decision. But you helped a great deal!!

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  14. Yeah it is a difference of $400 to have the stamp which I would be the only one seeing.

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  15. I just checked- I can fit my long flap wallet, a very thin makeup bag ( I used the small casino o-case for reference), and a pair of sunnies in the soft case. In addition to these items, you would have a little bit of room on the side of the o-case for a few small items (keys?)-pics below for reference.