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  1. :rant: :mad: :censor: Hey Guys IM NOT HAVING THE BEST day my mom just came downstairs and totally freaked out on me and then we both went into a state of depression LOOK at this i just called 866 they said to bring it in tommorw to them im gong to paramus mall to have this fixed. I think its a defect!!!!!!!:cursing: :cursing: What would you do? The Bag is rarely used and now we just saw this im really upset right now!

    Picture222 009.jpg Picture222 010.jpg Picture222 012.jpg
  2. OMG I'd be incredibly mad too!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW! I hope they resolve this!
  3. Eeeekkk... I would freak out too... :sad:
  4. uh oh...I hope you guys get it fixed!! I'm sure they will replace it for you
  5. do u think its a defect!!??
  6. Yikes that is horrible
  7. Oh man that's TERRIBLE! I hope everything goes smoothly with them fixing it!
  8. Oh no ?! I hope everything works out !
  9. Looks like a cut in the canvas, might have been overlooked when they did quality control on it.
  10. The strings are comming out too in some places!!!
  11. That's crazy - I'm sure they will make it right
  12. Might be a defect in the canvas. maybe a cut inthe canvas that did not completely go through therefore they didnt notice it. How long ago did you get it? Contact the store you purchased it from and let them know.
  13. I just called the store im not really sure of the purchase date but some time in 2003 or 2004 in short hills but this bag is rarely used NOW this should not happen The store Manager at Paramus said bring it in and we well take a look a lil closer!!
  14. Wow! That's terrible!! I really don't think that is something that could be fixed. Don't settle for anything less than a replacement!!
  15. SEE the strings how their becoming loose!!!!!!!!
    Picture222 013.jpg
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