Help OMG did my Jumbo just pop a stitch?!?

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  1. After only use my Jumbo Flap 2 times I noticed a popped stitch!!! But as I keep examining the flap on the inside the stitch is still tight! Why is that?!? Will CHANEL charge me for just re-stitching? (Can't believe this would happen!! The bag is perfection...everything is perfect but this makes me upset since it was practically brand new!) ImageUploadedByPurseForum1468264860.058546.jpg
  2. When did you buy it? Bring it back, they will restitch it for you. Good luck.
  3. I've had it for less than a month
  4. Yikes!!! I just saw that one of my WOC had popped a stitch too.
  5. I had a off stitch repaired on my 11 mo old GST, it was free of charge. They shouldn't charge you on a bag so new.
  6. It might not be a popped stitch, it may actually just be an "over stitch" where they used extra thread and forgot to cut it off. Either way, it is a simple fix -- just bring it into the store (which I would suggest) or cut it off by yourself if you're brave
  7. You might be right...since the flap is still intact. But I'm not brave enough to cut a thread on a $5000 bag lol
  8. I had an over stitch on one of my M/Ls before which I noticed only after a month. I brought it back in and they just snipped it and told me to bring it back if it falls apart and they will re-stitch it for free.
  9. I see any empty stitch hole...
  10. You might be right...but I don't know probably an over stitch..