Help!Older Chanel needs new zipper-no receipt!

  1. I have a Chanel bag I purchased the year NM KOP opened and my DD carries it everyday. The zipper broke and foolishly I took it to my shoemaker for a quick repair. He replaced the zipper, did a bad job, and now I want to send it back to Chanel for a proper repair. I don't have the receipt anymore, altho I did purchase it at NM-maybe they can look it up? Has anyone had a similar experience-I am afraid Chanel will reject it because it has been tampered with!:sweatdrop:
  2. I do believe that Chanel will repair older bags as long as they are authentic (NOT implying that yours is not authentic). I would think that they would do it even if it has had a poor repair in the past. Maybe someone will correct me if I am wrong :smile:
  3. I hope so!! I can't believe I didn't let NM send it back to Chanel to be repaired.

  4. If u live in LA, I have a repair place that does a very excellent job. (referred by celine)
  5. No, I am in Pa. Thank u anyway!
  6. I brought a vintage bag into Chanel to repair the zipper too. They never asked for a receipt, however it was a VERY pricey repair that probably any really good shoemaker could have done.....
  7. I bought a vintage chanel into the boutique for repairs. The SA asked no questions - just completed the form to send it to repair in NYC. Your bag is still Chanel so I'd guess they would repair it .. for a hefty charge no doubt!
  8. I had NM look up something from over a year or two ago, I can't remember exactly how far back she had to go...but I would try to have them look it up for you.
  9. I think any CHANEL store would take it back for repairs as long as its authentic...
  10. I have an excellent repair place in NYC. They do high end bags and even Neiman Marcus uses them. They are very highly recommended and have done work for me in the past as well. You could mail the bag to them.

    Modern Leather works

    2 West 32nd Street, 4th floor
    NY NY

    A few weeks back one of my chain straps had some threads that came loose and instead of sending it to Chanel and not having the bag for months, they sewed it for me on the spot for $20! Too bad I got a parking ticket though hehehe,
  11. Chanel does send older bags back for repair. Receipts, authenticity cards don't come into play. You won't need them. The bag is theirs, no questions asked. I haven't had a zipper repaired but I've had a black bag redyed and am waiting for the return of a pink bag. (And I'd let Chanel fix do any work. I've had a not so great experience with a NY place touted in high regard; it's not the place mentioned but they do work from high end retail.)
  12. I was just worried they would not want to repair it after I had taken it somewhere else(my local shoemaker-where it came back in a brown paper bag-how stupid am I). I called Manny at NM KOP(very nice SA-has tracked down lots of bags for me) and he said to bring it in and he will send it back to be repaired correctly by Chanel-I am assuming he can look up my receipt even if it was 10 years ago. This is a great lesson for me-always treat these bags respectfully!:shrugs:
  13. The zipper on the inside at the top on my wallet on a chain broke- I rarely even open the part and I took it to chanel to repair- they quoted me $110.I was like no thanks- I could make do- That is SO SO pricey for a small inside zipper.I am going to find a good seamstress in my area and have them do it- for no more than 10-20 bucks