Help! Old strap design vs new?

  1. 29551A79-2045-47C6-A0CA-B43DCC0F388B.jpeg I would really appreciate the help of Céline experts. I purchased a nano Luggage in souris from a reputable second hand shop and in addition to that had it authenticated by a professional service. Still, there’s something bugging me and even after thorough research I couldn’t find any information. The strap on the nano luggage looks so different from that of my yellow belt bag which I bought in the Céline store last year. The closure looks so different and the Céline logo is upside down. Is this an older design or should I be worried? Thank you so much in advance, any help would be appreciated :smile:
  2. Have you posted in the authentication thread? Unoma or any of the other lovely authenticators I’m sure would be happy to help!! :smile:
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  3. Celine changed their strap hardware substantially a few years ago with the 3 ring clasp, I don’t know about the logo changing direction though
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  4. It has now been authenticated by three different professional services that all confirmed authenticity. :smile: I‘m very glad since so many people told me the bag was definitely a fake. So always a great idea to ask the experts. Thank you both for you advice and opinion.
  5. Thanks, yes I came across this, which made me worry even more. Since the mystery is now solved I can say her information is incorrect (or let’s say incomplete) since she doesn’t state that there is in fact an older design by Céline which is completely authentic, and which you can see on my soris nano. I had this confirmed by four experts, and they probably know what they’re talking about.

    This really helped me to learn a lot about authentication and why you should always contact an expert rather than rely completely on blogs.