HELP!! oil stain on my 1wk old wisteria spy bag!!

  1. hi girls. i'm in need of any suggestions. i took my fendi wisteria (with the flowers) spy bag (honey color) out last nite to dinner and mysteriously got a 2" stain on the very front of the bag!!! (cry...cry...cry...:cry: ). it's on the bottom right hand corner right next to the flowers. i thought it was a water mark, so i quickly tried to blot it with a tissue. unfortunately, it's still there today! i took it to several local shoe repair shops and they all suggested to redye it. i called up fendi prior to this and they said "do not redye the bag!". i'm so upset right now. i've only used the bag for less than an hour. don't know what to do. it looks terrible cause it's like this dark blob and it's very noticeable. i googled ways on how to remove such stains. one site suggested talcom powder. i tried that but no luck. any other suggestions??? anyone else have this problem?? thanks!
  2. Bring it back to Fendi!! Quick!! I'm sure they can do something to help. Don't try out those DIY methods, they don't always work and you don't want to risk damaging your lovely bag any further.
  3. I'm sorry it happened to you. I'm also not exactly sure what you mean by the oil stains, would it be possible to post pic?
  4. My heart hurts for u too.
  5. I always spray shining monkey on my handbags before I take them out. I'm too afraid of any mishaps, especially for what we tend to pay for these babies.
  6. thanks girls for the responses. i've attached a couple pics of the with flash and one without. notice the dark stain??
    Resized_IMG_1674.jpg Resized_IMG_1675.jpg
  7. Oh no!! I'm sorry, but it does look obvious. Your best bet is to take it back to Fendi. Don't think any home remedy will help because it looks like the oil stain has seeped into the leather. Don't think even spraying with apple guard would have helped with such a stain in teh first place. *hugs* I feel your pain.
  8. I feel your pain, girlie. Definitely take it back to Fendi and leave it to the pro. Like Tammy said, I don't think any at-home products will help... it'll probably make the spot and the surrounding leather worse. Please keep us updated. Good luck!
  9. Oh No!!! Take it in to a Fendi boutique ASAP!!! even if it costs more than anywhere else to fix...this bag is too have to try to save it.
  10. UPDATE: just came back from the fendi boutique here in houston. they basically told me that there's nothing fendi can do to remove the stain. especially since i bought my bag from Saks and not at a fendi boutique. the SA told me, "fendi is very particular about whether u purchased the handbag from them or from another store." what kind of cr*p is that???!!! it makes me wonder had i bought my bag from fendi, would they then be able to fix it??? the SA even went as far as to say "i think the stain gives the bag some character". i gave her this "are u smoking cr*ck" look! i told her "yea well, i don't think i need a stain to give my $3000 bag some character!" anyhow, i tried the talcom powder home remedy again and left it on the stain overnight. it seems to have worked a little bit. the powder kinda clumped up over the stain, so that must mean it absorbed something!! guess i'll keep trying it over and over again till the stain fades a lil...... sigh......
  11. oh you poor thing. so sorry about your mishap. i can't believe the response you got at the fendi boutique who cares where you purchased it, for $3000 they should have done something! hope the talcum powder works. good luck
  12. I am so sorry about your stain on your bag. It is so heart braking. I feel for you. I had a problem where I lost a screw out of my spy and went to Fendi and they would not even help me. They told me to bring it to where I bought it from which was Saks. I asked why do you not stand behind all Fendi bags? Her response was because they cannot tell the difference between the real andthe fakes being the fakes are getting so good so now they have a Company policy that they will only service bags they can look up in there system that where purcahsed at a Fendi store. This was a store manager that told me this. This really annoyed me. I ended up buying a glass repair kit for glasses and it had the screw I needed. Some customer service. I do wonder if they do help people who have purchased from them.
  13. I guess its not only me who thinks Fendi SA are not the most helpful or accommadating; considering we pay so much for their products. Seriously, why is it such a big deal as to which store the item is purchased from; so long as it is real and not fake. I had called the Fendi toll free# searching for a specific bag and the woman on the other end was very unfriendly or accommadating. She took my info and said they would research it and call me back. When I asked when I could expect a call back she said they will be closing in an hour and a half :censor: so what does that mean. Anyways, needless to say I still haven't received a call back yet. Why wouldn't we therefore buy from another high end boutique such as Neimans or Saks; my opinion is better service elsewhere.
  14. That is so unbelievably awful!!!! Can saks do anything for you? What if they send it to fendi with your proof of purchase from them???? It's just not right since you've had the bag such a short amount of time...I would be persistant in getting them to help you. Good luck sweetie!!
  15. So sorry to hear :sad:
    I wish you the best at removing the stain.