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  1. Man...these sales are a killer...please help me choose edith classic satchel in not whiskey but close to it...Marc capra satchel in either cinnamon or basil..or Edith tote in the green color..I know I'm asking this question on the Chloe thread......OR do I get the paddy in Tobacco I already have the orange but it is the only one...HELP. maggie:love:
  2. :heart: I adore the edith classic satchel! In general, I love the edith classic more than the paddington satchel.
  3. LOVE my Edith satchel. LOVE LOVE LOVE and oddly havent seen it on every arm out there which makes me happy. I hate seeign 50 other girls with the same bag as me. Its a classic and the older it gets the better it will look. SO many have the Paddy and its SO HEAVY. Edith looks amazing for fall and winter too. IMHO
  4. Ooh, I'll vote out of type & subforum and go for the Basil Capra MJ! I usually oggle Chloe but fell in love with the basil capra (not the cinnamon though). I think the handle length makes it a bit more versatile than Ediths and the tortoise-shell is so pretty! (smaller bag though) Otherwise I think the non-whiskey (nutmeg?) Edith. The Edith Tote seems a bit odd-shaped so even though the green color is pretty that would be 3rd place.
  5. Thank you so much...I ordered the Edith and it is even on sale...I'm still not sure what color it really is but will know next week. I also bought the cinnamon satchel while they are trying to find me a basil...I must stop looking at the sales...must
    You are all so sweet to give me such detailed and good feedback. My SA even commented that I seem to go nuts in the fall and winter..wonder if it's light deprivation:nuts: mm
  6. Congratulations!!!!!