help oh help oh help take two

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  1. Ok..I'm sorry that I posted this in two places..but it involves two brands. I can hold out no longer with all of these sales...Do I go for the classic Chloe Edith in not whiskey but close to it, the shopper Edith in green...or my tendency to get Marc's..the Capra in Cinnamon, or Basil...OR do I get the Tobacco Paddy I have an Orange one...see why I need help. I have just crashed and brain is a mush....maggie:hysteric:
  2. Wow, that's a lot to decide between...I vote Capra in Cinnamon mostly I just like it better. Let us know what you decide!
  3. I'm not much of a Chloe fan, so I say go with the Capra, but I don't know which color.. maybe the Basil?
  4. Maggie, we are definitely 2 of many MJ fans who fell for Chloe bags as well.

    Paddington Satchel is still my favorite Chloe style, I like Tabacco more than Orange. I wanted to get another Paddington Satchel in Creme when I saw it at Nordies several months ago.

    The original Edith, considered a classic by many already, is a good work bag. I saw Shopper Edith, but I never tried it on; the handles are longer. Which shape do you like more? Which color are you considering?

    As for Capra Satchel, I prefer Black (white trim) and Dark Brown (aubergine trim); the contrast trim gives the bag a nice pop. =)

    My top choice is Tobacco Paddy, followed by Edith.

  5. I think you should get the paddy in Tobacco. If you do decide on an Edith. Get the regular one in Whiskey.
  6. tough choice, but i actually really like the edith. the capra is so unique, but i'm not sure it has the longevity of the edith, in terms of the style. i personally like the shopper, but that's because it can go over the shoulder. if a handheld doesn't bother you, i think the edith in whisky-ish is a great choice....whiskey is def. the classic chloe color.

    all are gorgeous, though - can't go wrong!
  7. You guys are sooo great to helpl me. Isn't it funny that we go for certain bag and not for others.
  8. Sorry. I got cut off..isn't it funny that we go for some brands. Personally I have no reaction to most coach bags...not even a little. And if I like another brand it is usually because it reminds me of Marc or CHloe..every once in a while I like a CHanel, Gucci or LV..but rarely. I have a couple of each but NOTHING like Marc or now CHloe. mm
  9. Get the Edith
  10. A lot of big MJ fans switched to Chloe. Some of their bags are heavy, I can see why MJ fans can handle them. Since MJ's former Senior Accessories Designer Emma Hill joined Chloe, I can't wait to see her 1st accessories collection for them.
  11. great that will be..

    ok so at present I am striking out. I have bought the tobacco and orange paddington as well as the whiskey Edith AND the Capra satchel in Cinnamon with the Basil being shipped for me to look at. Obviously I AM IN BIG Trouble...and still can't decide. Man...what is with me....????? maggie
  12. OMG!! That's a whole lot of bags!!

    I love the whiskey Edith! And the paddies are gorgeous! You have a lot of deciding to do!! Good luck!
  13. Maggie - it's actually a good thing, you will be able to see them all together before deciding. =) The leather varies so much on the Chloe bags as well, you will be able to decide when they come. If I had a choice, I would order all 3 Chain Pouchettes (in Black, Red, and Brown) and go from there.

    I'm really looking forward to Emma Hill's designs for Chloe. =)

  14. Whiskey Edith!