HELP! Ocean or Aquamarine or Marine GGH Brief


Which brief color with GGH would you choose?

  1. Marine

  2. Aquamarine

  3. Ocean

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hey guys ~ I need your help! I am getting a blue color brief bag and am having a hard time choosing the color. It's between the Ocean, Aquamarine and Marine, all in GGH.

    I am leaning towards the Marine, but I am worried that it is close in color to the Anthracite, which I already own. Any suggestions? :confused1:
  2. If it were me, I would go with ocean!! I am not always a big fan of blues, but there is something about that color that I love!!
  3. I am completely opposite - I'm a HUGE fan of the bbag blues! And I'm completely biased in that I own a ggh aqua hobo, but I say go for aqua w/ggh - it's a delictable combo!

    The color is even better IRL, but here are some pics of my hobo . . .
    TPF & FAF 015.JPG TPF & FAF 016.JPG
  4. I love the Aqua!
  5. Aqua!!!
  6. And I must add, the leather on my aqua is spectacular (and I've heard this about other aquas too)!
  7. Get the aqua or ocean for a nice pop of color.
  8. I'm partial to aquamarine. I love my city!
  9. I voted Marine - as I have seen this colour with the GGH combo IRL and I think it was STUNNING!

    Hard choice though as all of the colours you are choosing from are lovely!
  10. Aquamarine!
    I'm biased! I have 3 aqua bags! I have been told that my Aqua Work has leather that is BETTER than any 05 leather! Gorgeous!:heart:
  11. I was contemplating between the Ocean (which I have seen IRL, beautiful color!!) and Aqua, but that photo of willowsmom just won me over!!!:girlsigh:
  12. marine marine marine!! It's such a rich, deep color. So amazing! But I'm biased, I prefer neutrals and I have an indigo 05 that I'm kind of "eh" about the color.
  13. marine with GGH
  14. i voted Marine w/ GGH... that combo is stunning. Marines dark enough to wear easily... plus the GGH adds a nice lil' O:huh:ph to it... without t:huh: much. g:huh:d LUCK~!
  15. Marine with GGH. I have seen this IRL and I think it is fabulous. I love the gold against the dark blue.