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  1. Hi there lovely tpf:ers!

    I'm sooo in love with OB RGGH and DH has promised to get me one as a birthday gift (I'll be 30 next month), if only I can find it.

    I've been searching for OB RGGH City or PT without success. I only found rh city. I've decided to post in here to see if anyone else could help me find one....please:cry:
  2. There is an ob gsh pre order on hgbags.:smile:
  3. OB RGGH is very difficult to find. There may be some floating around in random boutiques. There were a few on, but they were sold out immediately.
  4. Thanks girls. I don't know if I should pre-order the gsh one with E or wait until I find the rggh which seems to be impossible.