HELP- NY girls, need a GREAT hairdresser that could squeeze me on Sat 15th Sept

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  1. Hey NY girls

    I am heading to your amazing city on Sat and my hairdresser (in London) can't fit me in before I leave (I know, left it till the last min) :tdown:

    It's my 20th on the 15th and want a nice hair do!

    So, can anyone rec a great hairdresser that doesn't have a waiting list as long as hair extensions!

    Staying around Times Sq.

  2. you should check out salon 02. it was voted salon of the year and i absolutely love it. the owner is wonderful, and the other stylists are great as well! :tup:

    it's located at 20 west 22nd street between 5th and 6th.
  3. thanks for that, and woops i meant my 30th not 20th !!! (someone has an issue with turning 30 obviously!)
  4. Which stylist did you see?
  5. congrats on your upcoming birthday! i saw the owner hiroshi but there's a short-ish asian girl that's supposedly very good as well :tup: