HELP!! Now that is GoNe...

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  1. I used to purchase my bags thru eluxury(to save theTAX) that the site is gone, where can U purchase a bag AnD not pay the TAX ??
  3. nope... well unless you do not have either a bloomingdales, Saks, NM in your state and then have it shipped to you. Otherwise there is no way around not paying tax.
  4. If I have it shipped from a Dept. store You don't pay tax??
  5. It's gone?

  6. Yup. =(
  7. If you have it shipped from a department store that does not have a store in your state you don't have to pay tax I believe. For example, if you order from Neiman Marcus and there is no Neiman Marcus in your state, I don't believe you have to pay tax. Good luck!
  8. I know when I order from the SAKS from IL they do not charge me tax when they ship to PA, but then there is a shipping charge. So if its a higher $ item, paying shipping is less than paying sales tax.

  9. I believe Saks has discontinued doing this as of Jan 31st unless you do not have a Saks in your state.

  10. yes sadly saks has stopped the no tax

  11. exactly
  12. i do believe that in most states, you have to declare taxes from purchases on places like (the former) exluxury and pay them when you file your taxes.... so eluxury was never truely tax-free, just consumer reported tax instead of merchant collected.

    if you want to buy LV duty free, travel internationally via an airport with a duty free LV shop.
  13. Really, I had no idea? I live in NY and never did it!

  14. Airport with LV???????? Where???