HELP! Not sure what to buy next...

  1. I've been looking at all the gorgeous purchases by you all this last week, and I've decided I "need" to make a purchase too! (after all, I have a few bags on eBay) :angel: Anyway, I can't decide between the Damier Alma, MC Alma in white, or the new Marc Jacobs Stam hobo in black. I don't have any LV in Damier... I love the MC Alma (but am a little nervous about the vachetta bottom) and I really like the new Stam hobo, too. Opinions welcome! :yes:
  2. All beautiful choices, but I would go for the Damier Alma!
  3. I'd definitely go for the damier alma as well, and hey, you've been good by selling off some so you deserve a treat ! ;)
  4. Another vote for Damier Alma, gorgeous bag!
  5. MC Alma :love:
  6. Alma! It is a stunning bag
  7. They're all great choices. I am in favor of the Damier Speedy!
  8. I vote MC Alma!!! You could always spray the bottom with appleguard!!
  9. I vote for the Damier Alma too!
  10. Decisions, decisions! And, it looks like my MJ bag is selling on eBay so I can go shopping guilt-free!! Lots of votes for the Damier... :smile:
  11. I like Marc Jacob's Stam in that silverish Mouse colour!
  12. love the mj stam, so my vote is for that bag ;)
  13. I'd go for the Damier Alma...always a classic!!!
  14. Damier Alma..or Black MC Alma.
  15. I vote for the Damier Alma.