Help! Not enough memory for start a new thread plus pics?

  1. I wanted to start a thread here to show my new black spy bag I purchased last Sunday but whenever I submit after I attach pics etc, it didn't post but it gave me this message "..not enough memory and I have to allocate 1064 mb? Eeek I am not a computer nerd I have not idea what to do? It could be something really simple, can someone help me what I have to do to solve this problem? TIA:smile:
  2. can you resize your pics, or purge any from folders you don't need anymore?
  3. Thanks Swanky!! I will do that! :yes:

    Thanks for your help! :yes:
  4. You're welcome.
    Once in a while I can't save any more on Photoshop because I need more space and I have to go and purge old pics I don't need anymore.

    LMK if you need more help ;)