HELP. not as described

  1. my scarf finally came today and i love it but...its not as described. the auction was for a vintage liberty silk scarf, the scarf IS NOT silk and i dont even think its real but i didnt pay too much for it so i dont mind, it is beautiful.
    what should i do about feed back? the seller has lots of other similar scarves which i presume arent real because mine isnt. would it be ok to say not as described but i love it anyway?
  2. i think so. it would be good to warn other buyers.i'm glad you don't ,ind,though.
  3. I think you should be more specific and write "item is not authentic but it is still attractive. Buyer beware."
  4. I would state that it's not silk but it is beautiful. You said here that you don't "think" it's real. I would never say something was not authentic unless I knew for sure.
  5. Have you contacted the seller?
  6. How about Not silk but still beautiful?
  7. I would try to get a partial refund. If it was advertised as authentic and it is fake, you should be entitled to one.
  8. May I ask why you would want a counterfeit scarf no matter how pretty? You might have to pay a few $$$ more to get the real Hermes scarf but it's worth it!!! Have you ever seen a genuine Hermes? Anybody who has can tell the difference. Am not preaching, believe me. Just have been collecting for over 40 years and the real ones are treasures not just pretty.