HELP- Non Paying Bidder... how do I...

  1. mutually cancel the transaction, I do not want to wait for 7 days to file a NPD alert, is that an option.

    Buyer only has 20 transactions and "claims' death in her family, she already has one negative.
  2. To mutually cancel the transaction you have to go the same route as filing for non-paying bidder, but then chose the option that says that you and the bidder have agreed not to complete the transaction. I don't think you have to wait the 7 days if you chose that option.
  3. Thanks I tried eBay help and nothing is coming up for that option.
  4. Go to your My eBay page and under sold items it has a list of what you have sold. Next to the item you want to mutually cancel there is a drop down box with options like "leave feedback" and "mark as paid." In that drop down box you will also find "report and unpaid item."

  5. THANKS SO MUCH! :flowers:
  6. i just hasd same problem:tdown: now waitin till i can file NPB