Help!! No one is answering my authenticate this!

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  1. Hey ladies,

    I need your help. What do you guys think of this handbag? There's only one pic and it's not a very good one. I'm going to try and e-mail the seller asap but I wanted to know your opinions of if you think this is real or not. Thank you!
  2. It's really, really hard to tell from that one picture. I'd ask for more if that's the only one the seller has posted.
  3. I did...I think maybe english isn't her first language. She said it's authentic and that she would give me a full refund if I didn't think so....but that pic is a weird angle and she didn't say anything about more pics....grrrr.
  4. If there's only one might want to pass this one up. :sad: Sorry, but it's hard to tell, esp. when fakes are getting really good these days. Don't worry, you're bag is still out there!
  5. i think it is fake because the C's dont look lined up but it could be the angle of the pic i would ask for more pics
  6. if the seller can't provide more pics, then pass. better to be safe than sorry.
    and i'm sure you can find more than just that one on ebay...
    do you have a link to the auction?
  7. Nah, the auction is over and I didn't bid! Thanks guys...sometimes when you want a bag sooo bad, you really want it to be real! If any of you see a 6232 in white that is real and ships to Canada, let me know!! Thanks for your help ladies!
  8. just search 6232 on ebay...there's a few up.
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