help! no idea what balenciaga style i want.

  1. Hi guys,

    Could someone please tell me what Balenciaga bag all the stars are wearing? and what are the new colors for this season. I am a total newbie soo any advice would be great!

    Saw a couple in London recently - but there is soo many!


  2. Do you like big bags or smaller ones? Do you need a shoulder strap? Go to and you can see all the dimensions and colors. Most celebrities carry some version of the motorcycle - either a first (small), city (medium) or work (large). Only the first and the city have a shoulder strap though.
  3. I am in the same boat, thinking about getting my first b-bag but I am not sure what style or color.

    What are the new fall colors?
  4. The pre fall colors are grenat (oxblood red), blueberry, truffle, sapin (green), cement, fire engine red, white and black. The fall colors which won't arrive in stores until August are blue/gray, light caramel and olive brown.
  5. Thank you shoegal. In your opinion which is the best color?
  6. I have the blueberry (see the thread that says blueberry work for photos) the leather and color are amazing! The grenat is great as well. Lots of people love the fire engine red but I am not a red gal. I predict the red, grenat and blue/gray from fall will sell out fast. It depends on what you are looking for - a neutral or a color with pop. Then there is the question of sizes. Once you figure that out you are on your way. You really can't go wrong because you won't buy just one. :graucho: It will be the first on many.
  7. I want a blue grey for fall. I love the color. The city is what most people go for, for their first bbag. That was my first designer bag period (a black city).

  8. Hii Shoegal!!

    how do u know about the fall colors? IS there a site where i can look at the colors?
  9. Thanks again. :flowers: I definately want a color with pop.
  10. I would really recommend you go to a store to try the different styles. I thought my favorite style would be the City - but after going to a store this weekend I preferred the "First" and the "Hobo". I am still going to get the City, though, because it seems to be THE basic B-bag to get. :smile: Also, even though I preferred the look and feel of the First and the Hobo, the City still seems to be the most practical size overall (not too small, not too big).
  11. fiatflux... i also thought that the city is going to be my "dream" style for b-bags. but i had a shopper before city, then when i finally got a city. i think i love my shopper better :P
  12. really seahorse? how come? your pistachio city is amazing!
  13. i love the pistachio, but about the style, i love the shopper more. i found the city is too wide sometimes and with 2 zippers it's kinda harder to open rather than the shopper with 1 zipper. :P
  14. for your first b-bag i reckon you should go for a neutral colour and go for a city size... but then again it really depends how much stuff you carry!!! welcome to b-bag fever! woo hoo!!!