HELP! No closet!

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  1. I would place a screen in the room and hide my non-pretty items behind it.

    Here is a website selling traditional style Japanese shoji screens

    I purchased a used screen at a second hand store. I staple-gunned GORGEOUS tapestry fabric onto both sides to match my dining room chair seat fabric.

    I love my screen. And it hides a multitude of uglies.
  2. Are you allowed to nail things to the wall? If you can, then get some shelving and store things on the walls. Not a lot of wall space? Think vertically (go up - hey even if you need a little step stool to reach them, at least there is a place for them). You could also get plastic drawers and just stack them as high as you can.

    If all else fails, and if you are comfortable enough with one of your roomies, get a bunk bed (like someone else mentioned) and the two of you share one bedroom and use the other room as a storage room and/or study that you can organize a bit better.
  3. Speaking from experience (I lived in a similar place last year when I was in school), lifting the bed up is a great help. Put the bed at the highest position and if necessary get cynder blocks and but it underneath of the bed. Then buy some drawers to but under the bed. Of course you still need to downsize. Don't go in there with everything you own. Think about essentials first and then once you're in there you can build with the extras.