HELP! No closet!

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  1. Next year my friends and I are moving into a quad...its similar to an apartment, but we all have our own leases (so if its just you moving in, you share the quad with 3 random people) and share a kitchen that has NO FRIDGE, and a stove/oven half the size of a regular one. We each have a mini-fridge in our own room, but it still wouldn't be big enough to store frozen pizzas/etc. PLUS the rooms have NO CLOSET!!!! They supply an armoire, but even that won't be big enough, even though it takes up like half the room! The rooms are 10x14, and we each have our own tiny bathroom, with a shower, but no bathtub.
    I know I'm going to have to definately size down all my stuff, and bring the basic necessities.
    I'm planning on using underbed storage, shoe racks over the door, those spacesaver thingys over the toilet.
    But the bathroom vanity doesn't even have DRAWERS! I don't know how to store all my stuff!!! It just has the under-the-sink cabinet, that the sink and pipes take up most of the room.
    I was thinking of getting a corner desk, but there is no corner to put it in, as I have 3 doors in my room -- one to the bathroom, one to the kitchen, and then the entrance door, which leaves one corner, but there is a heater on the floor which is right next to the only corner left! :cursing:

    My parents are telling me to reconsider, but we've practically already signed the lease (put down a non-refundable $200 deposit) and it's cheap...$365/month, and we only pay for internet and cable.

    How else can I maximize the space?! I keep thinking of things that would normally go in a kitchen, like a vaccum, brooms, laundry stuff, but I have to keep them in my room because the kitchen only has cabinets, and no closets or anything! Not even a place to eat!!!! :wtf:
  2. Check out the Ikea website, they can solve any storage problem. Their Pax wardrobes are great and you can customize the interior. I would just try to simplify my life. If you really think about it, there is so much one does not need.
  3. ^^^ I agree Ikea products are excellent for saving space. It sounds like a pretty funky situation, hope you work it out :heart:
  4. i love ikea stuffs! i used to have no closets too for most of my time leaving alone.
  5. Use a bunk bed set up. So bed on top, desk (or whatever) below.
  6. ^ WOooo good idea

    good luck with working out the space issue. it sounds way too small for me... =(

    I don't know if you are taking this place because of a tight budget or whether it's cheap but you could afford to spend a little more.

    If the latter, i really do suggest you forgo the deposit and find a more comfortable space. you are going to be spending everyday in this space. do you really want to feel like you are living in the storage room?

    If the former, just stick with it and make the best and find a larger place when you have more savings stashed up. =)
  7. Have you considered a murphy bed? The bed can be folded away nto the wall. They have ones with built in storage (i.e., closets, drawers, bookshelves), lighting, and built in desks. I have one in out guest room and it is a real space saver.
  8. Maybe a bed with drawers at the bottom?

    Maybe you all shouldve pitched in and bought a large fridge instead of 3 separate mini ones, that way there'll be more space all 3 of you can use.
  9. The mini fridges are supplied by the landlord...and there is no room in the kitchen for an actual fridge unless we put it in the middle of the kitchen, which wouldn't work very well.
  10. I agree that IKEA is a good place to start. If you can post a picture of the space you might get some excellent ideas.
  11. I am no help. I would go insane in such a small area. I would just zen out and have the bare essentials. IKEA does have some great storage items and so does Hold Everything.
  12. Write to Oprah and have her send Nate Berkus to your new place!

  13. Is it 365 per person or divided by 4?
  14. The Container Store could be a lifesaver, too.
  15. Yikes that is tiny! I had a room once w/o a closet but I used the coatcloset and two large armoires. I recommend bringing only what you need, underbed storage and maybe you can fit in an additional shelving unit? What would your rent be like if you found a place that did have a closet? Might be worth a little extra, sounds like a really tight space.