Help! NM Delightful MM in Mono or Damier Ebene?

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  1. Please help me decide which you wonderful ladies would prefer for an everyday bag? I already have the Totally MM in azur and Trevi PM in DE. For those who have the delightful in mono how hard is it to care for the vaccheta?
  2. I have the OM MM and the DE MM and they're both awesome bags although the DE is significantly more worry free. The mono is beautiful but I've always had to be a little more careful because of the wide strap, especially being near my dyed hair.
  3. I don't have either, but have gone back and forth on getting one, however now I have my eyes set on the Melie (so probable still won't get a Delightful). However, I've wanted the Delightful MM DE and then I would read the strap is a little rigid and some say over time it relaxes a little and others say it doesn't. i don't like rigid straps. So then I'll forget about it until a post comes up or a reveal. But, yesterday i saw this woman probable in her late 50's maybe early 60's, wearing the Delightful MM DE and it looked so gorgeous on her and was sitting perfectly on her shoulder. And so i starred at her dreamy Delightful:loveeyes: And it wasn't 5 min's later I saw a Delightful in mono and it looked great, but there was just something about it being in the DE? I don't know???? Maybe one lady could just carry the bag better in DE??? It seems though since you don't have any mono, maybe it's time? I've not had problems with the vachetta on my mono bags, but I must say I've tried not to carry them if I knew it would be raining or bad weather. I haven't treated them either and now that they are getting their patina I feel better. Last weekend I had my Pochette Metis and we were at a mexican food restaurant and ordered a margarita. When the waiter brought it out it was overflowing and before I could move my bag (because I could see what was about to happen) some of the margarita dripped on my PM handle:sweatdrop: The waiter immediately tried wiping the handle with a napkin and I just stayed calm and told him it was ooooooookay. Feeling confident it would dry and be fine. It was perfectly fine after it dried. The waiter was funny though and said he completely understands because his mom has always had nice handbags and he just bought his girlfriend a nice purse and knows how "we love them"! So when he refilled our drinks he then served opposite side of where PM was sitting!
  4. I have the Delightful in mono and once it developed a light tan, its almost maintenance free. Obviously i don't touch the vachetta with dirty hands but I've already taken it out in light rain twice with no ill effects. I wipe the canvas down with a damp, soft cloth once in awhile but other than that, I don't do anything else but use it. Right now it has an even, medium tan to the vachetta.
  5. Thanks for all your advice! I just ordered the Mono since I didn't have that print yet.
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