Help! Nikki hobo in Tan, is it good for fall?

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  1. Anybody has a nikki hobo in Tan? Is this color good for fall?

    I plan to buy it on, but not sure about the color.

    Is the online color true to it?

    Sorry for asking so many question :P

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  2. Thanks, is Almond and Tan easy to match black, dark blue, khaki, grey... my most fall and winter clothing are like that.
  3. of course.
  4. definitely perfect for the fall! :biggrin:
  5. Thanks for you all!

    Any body has some Nikki pics on this color, please post , thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Any ladies with the Tan Nikki hobo out there...can you tell me if this leather scratches easily? Thanks !!!!!
  7. searched almost the whole forum, nearly no body was showing OR even talking about Tan Nikki.

    Is the Tan color that terrible?

    I start to doubt my picking...:shucks::angel::nono:
  8. people25 should work at LB. The Almond is light but prettier than tan IMO. The tan color seems kind of flat.
  9. you just cant go wrong with a nikki ;) any warm shade would be wonderful for fall if you're second guessing the tan.
  10. Yes, definitely!
  11. Thanks all.

    Any body has it, please share some pics, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!