HELP! Nikki by Rebecca Minkoff

  1. Hi all! So I received my Nikki from an extremely reputable seller on eBay. I have never seen a Minkoff bag before, so I need your help. I opened the package and it was so light and the leather was just okay. It DOES NOT have a rich leather smell. It is somewhat plasticky smelling. I paid $480.00 for it and it is black. Please let me know if these characteristics are normal.
  2. You should post pictures... but that does not exactly sound normal to me
  3. I agree, you should post pics. Did you buy the one that has the studs? The black leather with the studs appears to be more of an aged type leather, although I have never seen this one in person. Every color of RM bags has a different type or finish of leather.
  4. Just about every Nikki or other RM bag I've seen has had a different type of leather. I think that which you like is a matter of personal preference. The leather on the night blue Nikki I have does not have much of a leather smell IMO.
  5. Thanks everyone. Yes my bag smells artificial for sure, but I was assured by the seller it is 100% authentic. Let me just tell you all that this bag has not lived up to the hype! It is black with gold studs from the Resort Collection. The leather is AWFUL!! Reminds me of the cheapo bags you pick-up from Mark Shale for sixty dollars. I am sick to my stomach that it looks so incredibly cheap. Even the craftsmanship lacks severely. RM should be ashamed of herself for putting this leather out on the market. UGH!
  6. Rebecca Minkoff bags generally have gorgeous leather. Even when glazed. I would definitely post pics in the Authenticate forum...
  7. I Got My Black Leather Nikki In Sept 07 At Luna Boston. The Leather Is So Soft And Smooshy And Smells Like Leather. I Love This Bag And Have Not Stopped Using It Yet. Post A Pic Of Your Bag.
  8. Some of the leathers that are thinner may be lighter and softer but are still pretty good quality. It depends on what you are really looking for. Its possible that it was in some weird packaging while being shipped and the smell transfered. Air it out and see if its better and post some pictures so that we can be sure :smile:
  9. I have to agree with everyone who has posted and state that my Nikki is incredible....great leather, wonderful smell, smooshy and perfect. That being said, mine is NOT the newer studded version...I have one of her older versions...and if you are not convinced, you should definitely post photos and go to the auth forum...I would not settle at that price...
  10. This is an old thread from January that got regurgitated.....