help~nightingale vs Balenciaga Citywhich one

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  1. hi ladies,
    Don't know if it's an appropriate place to post it but I'm considering to get a black leather bag and have been torn between Balenciaga city regular hardware (I'm sure u all know that bag) and a Givenchy Nightingale, both in black. I'm hoping it to be versatile and can be used in casual go out and work. Currently I have none of them, my collection includes few LVs, a prada and a Chanel.

    Any advice please?? Any particular reason I should go for one over the other?i like them bothTIA!
  2. I have both and tend to like my nightingale more. 2 are different style, nightingale is much bigger and roomy. Nightingale is not too common, whereas Bal City is getting more common nowadays, you will always meet someone carrying the same bag as you :smile:
  3. dont have the B bag, but having 10? nightingales, i love using it for work and casual. not everyone has the bag and the quality is top notch (and you don't have to baby it).
  4. Hmm, I own bbags and have a nightingale. I probably use my bbags and givenchy equally - they all make my heart skip a beat when I bring them out of their dustbags.

    However, I HATE dealing with the maintenance for bbags. I have to be sooo careful. I finally put some scratches on my nightingale after over a year and that was because DH recklessly threw it in the back during a long and raucous cross-country/continent trip, hence the scratches. But that bag is very durable.

    If you could own both, I'd recommend you do so (just buy a darker colored bbag though :biggrin:).

    Good luck!
  5. thanks so much everyone!your advice is soooo helpful. emm just wondering,do you find ur nightingale is heavy when stuffed? when i tried at the store it seemed a
    bit heavy。thanks!!
  6. Me, too - I have both and they are completely different bags. The Nightingale is a lot bigger than the City.

    I use my City sparingly during the week, because it looks a little "square" with all of my stuff in it. I will carry it evenings when I have fewer items to cart around with me - that way it has a nice slouch.

    I love my Black RH City; it's a classic casual style and I use it often on weekends. If you can only have one of the two bags, though, I would probably tend toward the Nightingale as it has a more refined look and is easier to wear at work, for errands, out to dinner, etc.
  7. Which leather have you tried? If lambskin, it's def very light! I agreed that, if you can afford, both Bal City and Nightingale are worth buying :graucho: Maybe go with Nightingale first? I would like it's more practical since it's bigger, you can stuff the bag!


  8. i didn't have a chance to try the lambskin one coz they were sold out at the store, I wasn't sure what type of leather it is, i thought it's goatskin that I tried? it has the silver hardware and silver logo embossed on the handle part. thanks for you input !:P:P
  9. i dont ever stuff it to the point of looking like a pillow, but if you care about weight, then lamb is the lightest, with goat a close second. there's a sticky thread for givenchy leathers you might want to peruse.
  10. thank you!<3
  11. If the one you tried is not lambskin, but having smooth texture, it will be calf i think. If it is grainy leather, then it will be goat! :smile:

  12. then it was the goatskin that i tried. thanks for your info!which kind of the leather is the easiest to maintain? is lampskin easy to be scrached?^_^
  13. I tried both in Nordstrom and I think goat skin looks great and feels tougher. However, lambskin is the ultimate luxury! For me, I'd choose the goat skin.
  14. thank you! I'm quite tough with my bags so i'm considering goat for sure, it's slightly more expensive than Lambskin but I'm a bit worried if it will be very prone to scrach, given that it's so smooth...:biggrin: