help! Nicky Hilton Samantha thavasa star bag!

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  1. Can anyone help me authenticate this? lvbabydoll i know you can but i couldn't attach anything to the PM. So if you see this can you help? thanks!
    This is taken by my webcam since the pics taken by my camera is too large...
    Picture 001.jpg Picture 022.jpg Picture 026.jpg Picture 027.jpg Picture 029.jpg
  2. It does look ok from the pictures you posted! My bags don't have that exact ST/NH tag sewn in but I only really know the two I got, so I'm not sure if there were different labels it may have come with. What is the lining like by the way- is it a REALLY shiny, slippery silver or is it more matted and soft? It should be matted and soft. And also, is there a way you can get a little better close up of the stars with the stones in them and the one that says Nicky Hilton? That'll help also. Did it come with tags of any kind? Oh and last thing, if there is one (not all have them), what does the tag say on the inside about where it was made?
  3. Actually, everything you say i have! SO i think its all good! woohoo! :yahoo:and this site is on ebay too and they've had all positive reviews and the person's written me back saying this:

    Dear Jessica: Thank you so much for your feedback. You don't have to worry if this is the authentic bag or not, we only sell auth bags and we've been selling this brand for about three years. We are sorry if you feel that way, or maybe you just want to make sure this is the real Samantha Thavasa. If you have chance to come to Japan, we suggest you can take this item to check and see if this come from their Samantha Thavasa New York by Nicky Hilton store :smile: We are trustworthy as always and we hope we satisfied our customers. We know there are lots of sellers who just try to make money online and lie about their products. Because of that, customers became hestitate about shopping online and feel insecure. We do our best to earn your trust, but we can only guarantee of our own products from I really hope you can enjoy this AUTHENTIC beautiful bag designed by Nicky Hilton and I am sure people around you will tell you this is an auth and I am sure you will be receiving lots of compliments soon. Please feel free to e-mail us anytime :smile:) We look forward to hearing from you soon. Sincerely, Sayaka
    Picture 037.jpg Picture 031.jpg Picture 036.jpg
  4. no i dont think it is...the tag on the inside is wrong. its too small. it should be a long black tag. I have this purse and it has a different tag. i did a lot of research when i before i bought this bag...and im almost positive the tag should be different. UNLESS. this is either an older or new version of the bag. I know they dont sell it anymore but they were for a im not 100% but it doesnt look like mine. (the tag)
  5. I dont think there are fake ST bag... Yours looks pretty good to me.
  6. What does yours look like? cause this is a new york one...i'm guessing there are a lot of different types, and if you go onto the ST website, it is always changing...pls let me know!

    Here is more pics!
    Picture 038.jpg Picture 039.jpg Picture 040.jpg Picture 041.jpg Picture 042.jpg
  7. more pics. These are the inside zipper and the inside of the bag.
    Picture 043.jpg Picture 044.jpg
  8. The inside tag of most are just black and say Samantha Thavasa by Nicky Hilton with no Fleur de Lis, which is why I'd asked about it but I really don't think yours is fake.
    I'm just going to have to say that since this bag has been around awhile, there were probably 2 different versions of the tag, because everything else about the bag is dead on, right down to the stone placement on the stars.
  9. Are there fakes of Nicky Hilton's bag line already? :confused1:
  10. Thanks Lvbabydoll!

    Pewter: i'm not sure if there are fakes...which is why i wanted to make sure mine is real. i don't want to think i'm carrying the real deal....but instead its a fake:yucky: this site that i went to sold on ebay, and said they've been selling for 3 yrs...they couldn't have made fakes of all the ST bags on their site could they???

  11. yeah there are fake star bags...i see little girls with them all the time...they are from that chralotte russe store in the mall. but you can spot them from a MILE away!
  12. Well then they aren't fakes, they're just the "inspired" ones. She's making sure her bag that has all the ST labels and tags on it is actually authentic. Those ones from Charlotte Russe and Claires don't have any labels on them, they just copied the style.
    There's no doubt in my mind that your new bag is real, Jess! So don't worry about it, enjoy it! :heart:
  13. Jess!

    I believe your bag is real due to the info I know bout Samantha Thavasa...

    I have that tag on my glitter 7 bowler bag by Nicky Hilton. The reason your tag might be like mines is yours was the second version of the star bag made in 2005/2006.

    Your authenticity cards are the same as the ones I get with my bags. No worries on that.

    The dust bag is a little different, since the ones I get are white with blue Samantha Thavasa written all over. I will have to take pictures for you soon!

    Samantha Thavasa has very few fakes and they are easy to spot. They are not well made like a Louis fake, trust me. And as far as I know, they have not mass produced fakes either. One thing I would look for is if the silver circle hardware on the strap say "Samantha Thavasa by Nicky Hilton"

    I have a few Samantha Thavasa bags, and I go through one dealer on eBay that has treated me greatly! He sends me everything as if I shopped at the store myself.

    I am sure it is real Jess!
  14. I have this bag but the tags I have on the inside are completely different.
    I have a long black tag with words:
    Samantha Thavasa
    New York
    by Nicky Hilton (in Italics)
    And Made in Japan at the top in a white tag.
    I also have Kitson price tag and the Red ST card.
    Have no idea if it is authentic... thinking of selling the bag.. but not sure.. as it is cute.