Help!! NF DE question....


LV Lover
Jan 2, 2012
Los Angeles, CA
So, we all know the NF DE straps have been cracking on these bags. Mine did just after a few months. I took it to the store and they replaced the straps at no charge. My question and concern is that I noticed since they have been replaced they are crazy stiff and scratch my skin if it falls of my shoulder. I find it to be really uncomfortable. Not sure why I didn't notice this before or is it because the straps were replaced. Also, maybe new straps are just like this and I forgot. Any thoughts or advice are much appreciated. I have to decide on a bag to take to HI with me on Saturday and I'm worried it's gonna cause me pain. TIA

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May 12, 2011
My neverfull DE is a year old and the straps are the same. I find them to be stiff and since they are so thin they dig into my shoulders when the bag is moderately full. I love that it holds a ton and is weather proof, but I must say the straps can be a little annoying.