HELP - Newbie onboard

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  1. Hi Ladies

    I am usually a LV or Gucci handbag girl and decided I wanted to include Chanel in my collection. I have very little experience with buying these bags, so thought I would request the help of the experts. I recently purchased a pre-loved chanel ultimate soft and love it. I would like my next purchase to be something from the classic line. I don't usually carry small bags, so don't think the WOC is a option for me. The second bag will probably also be pre-loved or something in the lower range of the classic line.

    What would you ladies suggest as a second bag? Tia for your suggestions and help.
  2. How about a m/l classic flap?
  3. Gst.
  4. A shiva, JM or a GST :smile:
  5. GST, Coco rider (is it still available in store :huh:)
  6. i would go for a vintage m/l flap!
  7. Pre-owned jumbos? :smile: roomy