Help! Newbie needs help!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. New to the Chloe forum! I am loving these bags! :love: I wanted to know what colors this particular bag comes in? I am looking for a large Chloe bag that will fit on the shoulder. I saw the Whisky color and am in love! I also love the mousse color very much too!

    Is this the largest size bag Chloe has ever made? Has there been large size bags in past years? TIA! I'm on a Chloe bag hunt!:smile:

    Here's a picture of the bag I like~
  2. Hiya! :flowers: I know this bag comes in chocolate, mousse, taupe, and blanc (not sure if there's more.). It's a lovely bag but is quite heavy (I think hmwe weighed hers in at 5 lbs empty!) You can find pictures of her gorgeous taupe tote (and amazing paddy collection!! :love:) here:
  3. Thanks Audrey!! :heart:

    I have to say, I am loving this bag!!! It's on my desk right now and it's sooo pretty in taupe. It has the two outter pockets, three zippers up top, all compartments go all the way to the bottom so it's got tons of ROOM!! Heck, everything I own and a pack of ding dongs fits in here!!! :wlae:

    But it is quite hefty. The plus side is that it sits perfectly on my shoulder. So it doesn't fell too heavy while you are actually toting it.
  4. I just went to Bloomingdale's and they had one of these bags left in black and it's on sale! They are having a private sale and today's the last day. The sale price is $1666.00.(15% off all Chloe's and they had Chloe wallets too). It's Bloomingdale's in Chestnut Hill, MA.

    I am going to try and find the Chloe hobo w/ the longer strap- they didn't have it. I am loving the whisky color or the orange color. Need to find that!
  5. ^^^ if I see one I'll let you know. I know there's a multipocket large satchel and a large zippy that hold tons aside from the bag in the picture.. let me see what i can find :search:
  6. Thanks so much D&G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. ^^^ OK i haven't seen anything on ebay yet... A mousse always pops up from time to time there!

    The hobos are really pretty, you can wear it across the body too. But i don't think it can hold as much as a regular satchel. They had a tan one on I haven't seen in it whiskey.

    The multipocket front-pocket paddy is what I personally like. It's very misrepresented in the stock picture as it's stuffed to capacity. But when you fill it up w/ normal things, it slouches perfectly!

    Most paddy styles can be worn on the shoulder.
  8. Thanks D&G! I will look out for a whiskey hobo with the strap~ I really like it!
  9. I'll keep my eyes open as well for you, zac.
  10. if it's the hobo style i think you mean aloharag has the orange!
  11. Hi Tanja!!!!!!!:smile: Thank you girl!

    NYCmom- I'll go check out the site! Thanks!:biggrin:
  12. This is the bag I want!

  13. ^^ Is that in the new 'orange' colour...?

    It's gorgeous...i love it!:wlae: :yes:
  14. I have the same bag in chocolat and it's wonderful. Highly recommended!
  15. That orange tote is :heart:!