Help! Newbie here

  1. Hey everyone! This is actually my first post :smile:

    Anyway, I'll be going to Paris in about a week and I still can't decided on which bags to purchase! Really excited!

    My budget is kinda tight though, unfortunately, about US$2000 for 2 bags. sigh

    I was thinking of the Vernis bedford (real cheap compared here in the US) and batignolle vertical...

    Any other thoughts, y'all? I was hoping to find other styles in Paris that are not sold here. What do you guys think?

    All comments would be appreciated, thanks!

  2. First of all Welcome here!! And paris is soooo nice! Batignolles is a good choice! Would this be your first LV purchase?
    The Trevi is really really nice!!
  3. I would go with a BH or neverfull, then a speedy for sure.
  4. Thanks both for your quick response!

    No, it won't be my first purchse, I got a speedy in Damier and monogram already.

    I might consider the Neverfull as well :smile:

    The Damier Trevi has a good price and looks expensive! Not my kind of style though.

    Please keep the posts coming, thanks!

  5. You've got to have a Speedy, but I saw you've already got one. Then I'd go for the BH for sure!
  6. Go for the Lockit vertical or any other lockit. Its sooo classy although you're also going to buy the BH already....
  7. Welcome!! You have to have a speedy!! Just love this bag and such a classic LV!
  8. I think the Batignolles is a great idea.. and a vernis piece for the pop of color it will add to your mono/damier collection!
    Have a great time!
  9. welcome, i will make speedy 30 as one of the2 bags you are planning to get.

    maybe a shoulder bag as your second one.

    BH, neverfull they are good choice. Lockit H is nice too.

    if the exchange rate plus tax back is good you may have enough for a small accessory. in this case i will get something in pomme
  10. Since you already have 2 speedy bags, then I would go for your original choices. The bedford and the BV, although I like the BH better! Have fun!
  11. what about denim cabie and some accessories?
  12. I think the BH would be good.
  13. Wait and see what they have. Sometimes their inventory is overwhelming, you simply cannot decide.

    Good luck and bon voyage!
  14. have an awesome time in Paris! :smile: