Help newbie? Help with B bag PLEASE?

  1. Hi ladies, I have always been a Chanel fan, but with their dramatic price increases (2 last year and another one rumored next month) and poor quality imo- I have been looking into Fendi. I am gonna get a spy in summer but was interested in the Fendi B bag, just wanted to know your opnions on this bag in the black and camel colur and if I should wait to see if it goes down in the summer sales- or just buy it next month? Please, please help me as I need as much advice as possible. I dont wann end up buying an expensive bag and a few months down the line hating it. Also, wanted to know if I could fit alot into this bag tia x
    BGV8345_mn.jpg BGV02D2_cn.jpg
  2. C - Welcome! The Fendi bags are great IMO:love:!

    There are several sizes of B Buckle Bags. The one you show is the small size 2 buckle bag. It is great if you can use a small, small to mid size bag. But personally I prefer either the mid side or hobo style B Bag for space, but many PFers love this size. It comes in a very large size also, I do not recommend that one unless you like really huge bags, plus it tends to be a bit unstable and awkward IMO. :yes:

    You might want to check out the various online or regular retail stores for sales - they do come up from time to time: bluefly, Neimans, Saks, rafaello network, BG, Elux all carry Fendis that have been found to be Authentic. Avoid other online retailers that sell Fakes.:tdown:
  3. thanx soo much for your reply. I think this bag will be the right one for me as a casual day bag as I dont carry loads; just wallet, keys,phone,lipgloss and mirror.
  4. Cami - I have that bag in the patent/linen model and love it!