HELP! NEWBIE desperately looking for Vert Gazon

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  1. I am a Bal newbie. I've never looked at any bal bag until today! I know there are a lot of fans of Bal bags everywhere; Guess there's always a first time.
    Lately I just got obsessed with a Bal bag after seeing a TPFer avatar. Today I did some search and found out that this bag was very hot as it was seen on Katie Holmes! You must all know which one I'm talking about!
    The day bag in vert gazon with big gold hardware.

    I'm looking for one in new condition. How are my chances? I know the best bet is Ebay; but did any of you happened to see this bag anywhere else? And how often do you spot it on Ebay? I know I'm late to the game (as always) :shrugs:. Do I have a better chance looking for it in Europe versus US? Can any European member advice me on this? I really really want this bag!!! :heart:

    Thank you for you input!
  2. To be super honest, your chances of finding this bag new is very very slim. If you do get it, it will very surely be second hand. *Maybe*, maybe tucked away in some store in Europe, you may find one, but the chances are remote and the phone bill isn't worth the effort.

    Your only real means to find it are ebay,,,, and similar consignment stores. I've seen a VG GGH Day pop up on ebay maybe once every 4-5 months since I've started tracking Balenciaga and realdeal has had two in the past (but you definitely need to be quick and snatch them as soon as you see them). You just need to be patient and diligent and one day, a day will pop up.
  3. there is a vert gazon 07 first on ebay. are these less rare and less in demand than the day?
  4. Thank you very much for all your precious info!!! I really appreciate that! :tup:
    That's what I was afraid of!(not finding this bag in new condition) I will now start tracking all those sites you mentioned and hopefully, one will pop up soon! I can always dream...
    If only my friends in Europe were into designer handbags, they could help me hunt down one (maybe). Most of them don't know anything, so it'll be too hard to explain to them!!!

    Should any European TPFer read me and should any of you see one, please, please PM me as I'm usually not in the Balenciaga forum. I would really appreciate any help. ;)
  5. The first is very small so 1) it cost less than some of the other bags anyway and 2) it is way too small for alot of folks to use.
  6. Yes- the first is a really small bag, and 2nd the VG GGH day blew up ever since Katie Holmes was spotted wearing it. :yes: