Help, NEWBIE!!!Birkin on hold

  1. O.K girls, I am a Newbie to this club and would love to know quickly the answer to this question? -

    I received the call today from Hermes, my gold Birkin is in!!! OMG! I was SO excited! They then said the black JPG that I was on the list for, was in as well.WOW!...then they said, they had a Hazelnut Birkin too with silver hardware (gold has gold hardware) - OMG!!!!
    O.K, I get there. I first try the gold one, lovely, but not like the one I have seen! Both the Hazelnut and Gold were in Veau Legier (don't know if I am spelling it correctly). Looked more stiff, cork-like than the TOGO leather I adore!!! The JPG in black, was in TOGO leather, but WAY too LARGE for me.:shocked: I walked out with nothing:crybaby: am I crazy?? I have the gold on hold until tomorrow. The veau legier leather was lighter in weight than the TOGO I onced held and more rigid. I just want the slouchy kind of Birkin? Am I crazy to pass the gold up??? It's $10,000 and something before tax.:wacko: :girlsigh: help
  2. Ooh lucky! But it sounds like none of these are your "dream" Birkin... if you don't like the leather (guessing you mean Vache Liegee), then I think that's a huge deal... if the Togo leather is important to you (I like that one too!), then I'd hold out until you can get the combo you want.

    Togo in gold or black too unusual, so I'm sure it's bound to pop up again if you're not *loving* these.
  3. No, you are not crazy. You are spending a lot of money so you really need to love the bag. If you passed on them, the bags were not for you. When you see the bag that's meant for you you will know it.
  4. Vache Liegee is a newer leather, it's actually a better leather than the togo and it will hold up the shape of the bag better. I love Vache Liegee. It's very sturdy and scratch resistant. It will also develope a patina through time. I think this would be a wiser choice. That's why it's more expensive.
  5. If non of it really appeals to you that much then wait until one does.
  6. Wow, this is a tough thread for me to respond. Since, I would personally JUMP at the bags that you saw.

    For the $$ that you are talking about, you should be LOVING it. I don't get the sense you do. If you want togo, you should wait for togo. I think togo is a cheaper and ladies, correct me if I am wrong, more readily available than vache liagee (although I have seen many vache liagee bags being purchased by the ladies here recently).

    Good luck with your difficult decision!
  7. The only difference between the gold one that I want and the one that they have is the leather! Is that not enough of a difference considering how hard it is to find one? I was on the list for about 10 months until today. Should I wait for the TOGO leather or grab theb Vache Legiee(THANKS for telling me the correct name:shame: ) Too excited in there to care at the time. Now I am confused.
  8. Personally I think you should LOVE the bag you've paid thousands of dollars for. I bought a Kelly just because it was there but I ended up resenting it so I sold it at a loss. It wasn't the correct leather/color/size combination.

    The second time I learnt my lesson. My SA tried to make me change my order many many times but I persisted for 3 years. Finally, an atelier agreed to make the EXACT combination I wanted (Birkin 30 in Thalassa/Chevre Mysore/Pall). It was definitely worth waiting for :love:
  9. I am thinking twice right now...I did not realize it was more unusual to find one in Vache Liagee. The SA said that most of her shipments have been and probably will be Vache Liagee. When I asked her if she knew if another togo would come , she could not answer.:wtf:
  10. i think you have to LOVE the bag esp since it's so much money. togo is slouchier which seems like is more what you want, so i would wait until the perfect combo comes in!
  11. That made me laugh!:lol: I resent many of my bags too! I don't want my most expensive one to be one of them!!!! That REALLY helped me, I think I am going to pass - go with the more casual looking one and wait. It was a little bigger than the 35cm TOGO because of the Vache Liagee, they are the same size though. I still love it though ...
  12. I personally think you're doing the right thing to wait. If togo is what you want then you may not be happier with the stiffer leather eventhough it has been generating a wave of high interest...besides it appears significantly more expensive.

    Wow - what a mother-load of choices...I know this must be extremely hard. :wondering
  13. Welcome to the dark side Star!!!

    My advice is to WAIT!!!!!! You will know it is the right bag for you when you see it. You don't sound like you are in love with any of these bags! I would tell your SA that you would really prefer togo or clemence (for the super soft and oft slouchy leather). These bags are truly gems which should make your heart skip a beat when you see the one that is just for you! It will be so worth the wait in the long run! And if you really want togo- there will always be another bag. Togo is very popular, and for good reason. Keep us posted!!!
  14. STAR, happy to hear you are not going to settle! WAIT for the Birkin of your dreams!!!:yes:
  15. Star, I tried justifying that damn heavy Kelly each time I wore it out (muttering expletives as I do so) and not trying to admit I was wrong (God forbid!) to my husband because I'm never wrong (hehehe....)

    Good lord, after being on this forum for one day, I'm planning for my next Hermes. I'm supposedly on purse ban for the next 2 years. But I hear togo or clemence Birkin calling my name.